‘Teen Mom 2’ Spoilers: Jenelle’s Brother With Troubled Past Emerges

Teen Mom 2 fans got their first glimpse of Jenelle Evan’s brother when Sunday night’s episode aired and Colin Evans emerged. The viewers had a lot of questions when he suddenly appeared. Those questions were around who he is and where has he been. Colin is now living back at home with his mom and Jenelle’s son Jace.

This is the first time Colin’s name has been heard of on Teen Mom 2. He was sent to a group home after burning down the family home years ago. That was for only two years back in 2000.

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He hasn’t been around for filming and it wasn’t mentioned on the show where he has been since then. There still doesn’t seem to be any clear answers to that question.


Teen Mom 2 Star’s Brother a ‘Good Example’

Barbara, Jenelle’s mother, thinks that Colin is a good example for Jace. She believes he needs a stable male figure in his life. According to In Touch, Barbara’s take on having Colin around is positive.

She said, “[Jace] has another male figure who’s not with all those anger issues and hitting and cursing.” Jenelle’s mom then brought up her daughter’s home and what she feels about it.

Barbara said, “Just all that violence over at that house. It’s very sickening. I don’t know what’s going on with your sister. I don’t even know her anymore.”

Jenelle Spilled the Beans in Her Book

While Teen Mom 2 didn’t mention Colin before now, Jenelle has. She wrote a book titled, “Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom, in which she mentioned her brother.

She wrote in that book that Colin was “developmentally challenged” and he was put away in that group home by her mom. When Colin was nine, he set a toy of his on fire and threw it on his bed, writes People Magazine in an article from last year.


Teem Mom 2 Stars Childhood Home Went Up in Flames

Apparently, once the bed went up in flames he ran downstairs to where the family was gathered watching a movie. According to Jenelle, it took him a while to explain what was happening in his room. By then the fire was roaring and the house eventually burned to the ground.

Jenelle said that she didn’t blame her mother for sending Colin away. The house burned down. With that said she threw in – “I would have done the same.” She also expressed how she knew it was a hard decision for her mother to make at the time.

Colin was ‘Dangerous’ at the Time

Barbara said that she realized her son was dangerous at the time. He was only nine but he put everyone at risk when the house caught fire. The mother-son relationship between Barbara and Colin seems to be in a much better place today, or at least it appeared that way on last night’s episode.

Teen Mom 2 airs at 9 p.m. on Monday on MTV.

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