‘Teen Mom 2’ Kailyn Lowry’s Stinger Injected Poison – Gives Chris Lopez Infected Reputation?

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry’s third child’s father was adamant about staying out of the limelight and off the show. Chris Lopez didn’t want to be filmed or even mentioned on the Teen Mom series. With that said, he steps up today to say his online life was so much nicer when people didn’t know who he was.

Teen Mom 2 Baby Daddy Woes

Kailyn’s last baby daddy was able to remain somewhat of a mystery man at his insistence of not being part of a reality show. That’s all changed now that people know who he is and it’s become a field day for slinging nastiness his way.

Chris took to Twitter recently to say “The way people view me is terrible.” Furthermore, the once behind the scenes baby daddy also said that he enjoyed online life better when he was anonymous.

Kailyn Lowry’s Baby Daddy Liked Being Mystery Man

The father of Kailyn’s son Lux said, “I really enjoyed when Y’all didn’t know who I was. I could tweet in peace.” Unfortunately for Chris, his online presence draws plenty of nasty comments today.

But the origin of this didn’t come from Twitter users, it looks like Chris has only Kailyn to thank. Chris feels he is perceived as someone awful by the fans of Teen Mom 2. From the evidence seen online, you can’t say the guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Teen Mom 2 Star Paints Nasty Picture of Chris Lopez?

Despite refusing to film for the show, Kailyn has mentioned him and not in such a good light. Fans of the show jumped on social media to tell him he needn’t look any further than Kailyn to thank for the disparaging words. Fans heard what she had to say about him and he’s instantly the enemy.

It didn’t take long for fans of Teen Mom 2 to point Chris to the errors of his way. He shouldn’t be blaming the social media users, fans hopped online to say. They pointed to his baby mama who painted him as a less desirable dad. And…. it took! Yes, once Kailyn described Chris during one of the Teen Mom 2 episodes, his fate was sealed among some of the fans.

Look No Further Than Kailyn

Teen Mom 2 fans were very adamant it was Kailyn who did this to him. According to In Touch Magazine, “it’s his baby mama’s fault for portraying him as a deadbeat ‘Instagram dad on the show.”

It seems that when Kailyn put him down, that image stuck around. This is who fans believe Chris is today and because of that, they hammer him online. For a long time after Lux was born, not a soul knew who Chris was. He was just another guy on social media.

Thanks to Kailyn’s not so stellar mention of the guy, he’s slammed today by some fans on that show. This “deadbeat Instagram” dad, as Kailyn portrayed the guy, doesn’t seem so bad in the recent Instagram pictures the Teen Mom 2 star posted. You can see one of those below.

She looks to be enjoying the man she stung with online poison in the post above. One thing about the online world, you just can’t take back those words once they are out there. Kailyn tagged Chris and that’s a tag he’s now defending and probably will for some time to come.

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