‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’: Rivers Waldrop Stalks Mom Courtney

Sweet Home Sextuplets’ Rivers Waldrop stalked her mom Courtney Waldrop in the middle of the night. And fans thought it was absolutely adorable.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Rivers Waldrop Startles Courtney

Courtney Waldrop said she felt startled by one of the Sweet Home Sextuplets, Rivers, late one night. She said she was up at midnight and walked around the corner to the hall leading to the kids’ room. And Courtney was shocked when she found Rivers Waldrop laying halfway out in the hall waiting for her mother. So she asked Rivers what she was doing. So, Rivers said she was, “just waiting on you.”

The adorable Sweet Home Sextuplets little girl had her pink blanket wrapped tightly around her. And Rivers laid on the floor quietly and waited for her mom to appear. Courtney Waldrop said that Rivers was just like her. They both were night owls and liked to stay up late. Courtney joked that there was no one like Rivers Waldrop and that she was, “a stinken mess.”

Followers responded that Rivers Waldrop was a cute mess. And that at least she didn’t wake her siblings on her nighttime adventure. They said that Rivers was a quick thinker and that her response definitely should have gotten her out of trouble.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Rivers Waldrop

Rivers Waldrop Takes Charge

Rivers Waldrop was the biggest of the Sweet Home Sextuplets babies. From the day she was born, Courtney Waldrop said that she would be the one in charge. And over the course of the show, that’s been proven true. First, Rivers started crawling and moving fast sooner than her siblings. Plus, she’s always in on the action. Fans think she may even be a little bit bossy towards her brothers and sisters.

But, Rivers Waldrop also had a sweet side. She loved playing and interacting with her siblings, especially the big boys. And she didn’t get into quite as much trouble as some of the other Sweet Home Sextuplets toddlers did. In fact, she was one of the easiest to deal with when the family went on outings. Recently, the six went to get haircuts. And Rivers sat calmly the whole time and made it a smooth experience for her mom.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Rivers Waldrop

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Courtney Waldrop Inspires Fans

Fans continued to shower the Sweet Home Sextuplets family with love and support after they had to stop filming due to the pandemic. And Courtney Waldrop kept viewers up to date on the family with home videos and online posts.

The pandemic caused a lot of stress for the Waldrop family, who were in the middle of remodeling their house. So, the eleven members were stuck in a mobile home for several months.

Courtney Stays Positive

But, through it all, Courtney continued to be positive. The Sweet Home Sextuplets mother managed to handle every curve ball with grace. And viewers commented that they didn’t know how she did it all. Viewers said Waldrop’s patience and strength with her children was impressive.

And they believed that Courtney is an amazing mom to Rivers and all her siblings. Viewers said that Courtney Waldrop is a role model for all mothers.

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