‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’: Rivers Waldrop Gets Bloody Nose from Brother

Sweet Home Sextuplets daughter, Rivers Waldrop, recently took a hard hit from her brother and she got a bloody nose.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Rivers’ Bloody Nose

Rivers Waldrop is one of the most stubborn of the Sweet Home Sextuplets. She weighed the most when she was born and her mom, Courtney, said Rivers was born to lead. Rivers always had a bit of a take charge attitude and fans even considered her to be a little bit bossy. The little girl liked to be in the middle of everything that was going on.

On one episode of the show, Courtney and Eric Waldrop took Rivers rollerskating without the other Sweet Home Sextuplets. They knew she was more adventurous and thought she’d enjoy it more than the other toddlers. And they knew this little girl was the more independent of the six. But recently, Rivers Waldrop took an accidental hit to the nose by her brother Tag, which caused a nosebleed. And it was no surprise when she handled it like a champ.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Rivers Waldrop - Eric Waldrop

Rivers Waldrop Seeks Dad for Help

When Rivers got hurt, she didn’t run to her Sweet Home Sextuplets mom. Instead, Rivers Waldrop immediately ran to her father for help. And Courtney said that, “Only Daddy can stop a nosebleed.” Eric Waldrop helped Rivers to staunch the bleeding and comforted his little daughter. In an adorable photo, Eric kissed Rivers’ head while pinching her nose with a towel. And tough girl, Rivers, wasn’t even crying. She just stood their patiently waiting for the bleeding to stop.

Courtney Waldrop posted the picture and said their Sweet Home Sextuplets girls would have to, “get used to some nose bleeds with SIX BROTHERS.” Because the boys in the family do seem to play rough. On countless episodes, viewers watched as the older boys wrestled with each other. And there were plenty of incidents between the sextuplets as well. Between hair pulling, pushing, and hitting, the Waldrop children are prone to minor injuries. And now they can add bloody noses to the list.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Rivers Waldrop

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Accidents Happen

Rivers Waldrop seems to be the focus of a lot of accidents. In a photo from May 2020, Rivers had a big scrape mark on her chin. And her little Sweet Home Sextuplets brother Blu accidentally lopped off a chunk of her hair not too long ago. And now Tag, her brother, bashed her in the nose and caused the nose bleed. But fans said that’s to be expected with nine rambunctious children in one house. Especially when the majority are boys that love to rough house.

And followers of Sweet Home Sextuplets know that Rivers Waldrop likes to be in all the action. She had no problem getting down and dirty with the boys, playing in the mud, and shoveling piles of dirt. Rivers didn’t seem to be afraid of trying new things. And when you’re involved in everything that’s going on in a household with eleven people, accidents are bound to happen.

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