‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’: Eric Waldrop Collapses – Courtney Shares Pictures

Sweet Home Sextuplets dad Eric Waldrop recently collapsed and his wife Courtney shared pictures with her followers.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Eric Waldrop Exhausted?

Recently, Courtney Waldrop shared pictures of her Sweet Home Sextuplets husband, Eric, collapsed on the couch. And fell asleep with the kids curled up around him. This isn’t the first time that Courtney posted pictures of Eric asleep for her fans. In fact, Courtney said that she knew Eric would be mad, “if I keep posting sleeping pictures of him.” And she said that this was the last one she would post. But added a ‘maybe’ at the end.

Eric Waldrop has always been a very busy man. He owned and ran a landscaping company. And he raised and took care of the cattle that the Sweet Home Sextuplets family owned. Plus, for the last year or so, he helped with the remodel on their house. Not to mention, Courtney said that Eric still made time for her and all nine of their kids. So fans wondered if he’s exhausted from taking on too much.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Eric Waldrop

Courtney Waldrop Thinks It’s Cute

While Sweet Home Sextuplets fans might be worried about Eric Waldrop, Courtney thought it was cute when he fell asleep on the couch. She said she knew that he’s been extra tired lately. But that it was so sweet when he fell asleep. Because it was almost always with at least one or more of the kids laying on him. And Courtney said that she loved how adorable they all looked laying together.

The most recent picture Courtney posted showed Eric Waldrop passed out on the couch. Rivers and Rawlings slept cuddled up on their Sweet Home Sextuplets father. And Eric even clutched one of the girls’ stuffed animals. Blu Waldrop sat on his other side, but he was still awake. And Courtney said that she took the photo after they’d had an extra long day playing in the dirt. Eric brought in all the sod for the yard that day too. So Courtney said he’d been working hard.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Eric Waldrop

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Eric & Courtney Can’t Wait for Normal Life

Both Eric and Courtney Waldrop said that life has been busier than ever lately. The pandemic stalled a lot of the work on the house. And the kids were all stuck at home. But, the Sweet Home Sextuplets kids went back to in person school a few months ago. And the older boys started to participate in sports again. Eric Waldrop also resumed his role and coached them in basketball. Between that, taking care of sextuplets, and the remodel, the family felt a little overwhelmed.

Courtney Waldrop said that the construction on their master bedroom was almost done. And that the SHS couple didn’t have anything else planned. So the end was finally in sight. Courtney said that the pair can’t wait to get back to normal life again. And not have to deal with constant construction and dirt. She said they plan to spend their time focusing on the kids. And cherishing every moment with them.

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