‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’: Eric & Courtney Waldrop Celebrate Exciting Day

Sweet Home Sextuplets‘ parents Eric Waldrop and Courtney Waldrop recently celebrated a special day. The parents of nine can’t believe this day finally came, and viewers are excited for the family.

Sweet Home Sextuplets Update: Eric Waldrop & Courtney Waldrop’s Move

Courtney Waldrop and Eric Waldrop of Sweet Home Sextuplets had a beautiful home, but it wasn’t ready for sextuplets. Courtney and husband Eric thought their home would be big enough for them if they added a baby or two. But they didn’t think they would end up getting six beautiful babies.

Sweet Home Sextuplets parents Eric and Courtney made the tough decision to remodel with young kids. They started their remodeling work while still in the home. They took a vacation, and a lot of the work was done when they came back, but more problems came up.

TLC’s Eric Waldrop and his family had to move into a mobile home. There were dangerous spiders in their home, and the remodel work would be overwhelming. After months, the family finally got to move into their beautifully remodeled home.


Eric & Courtney’s Celebrate Three Years

Courtney Waldrop celebrated as her six little ones turned three. Courtney said she couldn’t believe that the kids have already been with them so long. Fans of Sweet Home Sextuplets cheered on Courtney and hubby Eric.

Eric Waldrop of SHS is proud of her children and his wife. Fans say it is adorable how much the hard-working father adores his family. Courtney Waldrop is the true hero of the family, according to Eric, and viewers love seeing them celebrate.

The sextuplets have had some ups and downs throughout the years. But the Sweet Home Sextuplets family has done very well considering how early they were born. Alabama isn’t in a full lockdown, and they are able to keep up with their normal lives as they celebrate their little ones getting a year older.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Courtney Waldrop - Eric Waldrop

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Life with Nine Children

Courtney and her husband Eric of Sweet Home Sextuplets quickly learned that age gaps could be a big problem. Their oldest son, Saylor Waldrop, has some reservations about doing things his siblings want to do. And he wasn’t happy about sharing a birthday with them.

It’s unclear if Saylor will have a birthday party with his siblings this year or not. But fans say it must get very expensive raising all of these children and having their birthday parties. During the shutdown, Eric Waldrop had some problems and worries with money.

Thankfully, Eric’s business is an essential business. And Courtney Waldrop and the family didn’t experience too much hardship because of the virus. Fans are happy everyone is doing well and say the kids are really growing into their own.

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