‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’: Courtney Waldrop Improvises a Beach Trip

Sweet Home Sextuplets mom Courtney Waldrop improvised and created her own beach trip so the toddlers could play in the sand.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Courtney Waldrop’s Kids Enjoy the ‘Beach’

Everyone in the Waldrop family had a great time the last time they were able to go to the beach. But, since the pandemic made it impossible to travel to the beach for a vacation this year, Courtney Waldrop thought it would be fun to improvise. She said the Sweet Home Sextuplets toddlers love playing in any kind of dirt. So when she saw piles of sand that the construction workers were using to mix with the brick mortar, she saw a perfect opportunity to create her own beach trip.

Courtney Waldrop brought out all the shovels and other beach toys that the kids owned. And let the kids dig and play for the afternoon. Courtney said it was a beautiful day to be outside. And she was glad that the toddlers had something different to do. The six had a blast filling their trucks and dumping them out again. They spent the afternoon in their bare feet, digging and building to their hearts’ content.

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Fans Praise Courtney’s Brilliant Idea

Fans of Sweet Home Sextuplets thought Courtney Waldrop’s idea to let the kids play in the construction sand was brilliant. Courtney posted pictures of the siblings digging away with their shovels. And all the boys and girls were wearing adorable, matching outfits, with no shoes or socks. Viewers said it was obvious the toddlers had a fun day and loved every minute of it. And since the weather was finally starting to warm up, followers said it was great to get the children out in the sunshine.

Courtney Waldrop said that she wished the Sweet Home Sextuplets clan had been able to actually go to the beach this year, but that they would take what they could get. At least the siblings were able to get outside and work out some energy. And her supporters agreed that making memories with the kids was the most important thing. And that sand is sand, no matter where it’s located. Many encouraged Courtney to keep looking on the bright side because she was doing a great job of finding ways to entertain her children.

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Sweet Home Sextuplets: Viewers Want More

Courtney Waldrop often posts pictures and videos of the Sweet Home Sextuplets family. And fans said they love that Courtney keeps them updated on the daily comings and goings at the Waldrop house. Everyone said they fell in love with the whole family during the few seasons that the show aired. And they hope that TLC will bring it back for another season.

So far, neither the network or the Waldrops have said anything about filming another season of Sweet Home Sextuplets. And with the kids getting older and attending preschool, followers speculated that there might not be as much interesting footage. Especially since Courtney Waldrop seems to be do an amazing job handling and raising her nine kids. For now, viewers said that they’ll take what they can get and will continue to watch for Courtney’s posts.

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