‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’: Eric & Courtney Waldrop Add to House – Bursting at Seams?

Sweet Home Sextuplets Courtney and Eric Waldrop remodeled their house and now they’re adding on again. Are the Waldrops bursting at the seams?

Sweet Home Sextuplets: The Waldrop Family Remodels

On that last season of Sweet Home Sextuplets, viewers watched as the Waldrop family moved into a mobile home. Courtney Waldrop explained that their house was too small for a family of eleven. And that she also wanted to be able to open up parts of the house so that she could keep an eye on the kids while she was in the kitchen. The Waldrop house needed to raise it’s roof for a second floor. Then Eric knocked out walls, and added on some rooms.

But, once the work started the Sweet Home Sextuplet family ran into some problems. First there were deadly spiders in the house, so the Waldrop family had to hire pest control to deal with them. Then a storm soaked some of the new window frames and damaged the walls. The money the couple had to spend to fix that meant they needed to delay the add-on rooms they had planned.

The Waldrops’ Sweet Home Sextuplets remodel was also delayed by the pandemic. And the family spent seven months in the mobile home. They had originally only planned to be there for three to four months, so it was a huge relief when they finally moved back in their house. However, Courtney and Eric Waldrop still didn’t have a bedroom because they had to skip the add-on master bedroom. But, it looks like the Waldrop house might be under construction again.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Eric Waldrop

Eric Waldrop Helps with Construction

Recently, Courtney Waldrop revealed that she is finally going to get her master bedroom and bathroom. And that the Sweet Home Sextuplets couple is also adding on a storm cellar, mini garage, guest bathroom, and a back porch. She posted pictures and videos of Eric Waldrop working on the construction. And said that Eric was, “a part of it all.” Fans wondered how the Waldrop family could afford it so soon.

They speculated that Eric Waldrop was doing a lot of the construction himself to try to save money. And that he’d had enough of not having a room of his own. The Sweet Home Sextuplets dad has been a great sport about not having his own space. But Eric made some comments throughout the show that led viewers to think that he couldn’t wait to have some privacy and a comfortable bed again.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Eric Waldrop - Courtney Waldrop

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Courtney Waldrop Serious About Flipping?

Courtney Waldrop said she was so impressed with her Sweet Home Sextuplets husband. And grateful that Eric had worked so hard and done so much for his family. When Courtney quit her job to take care of the sextuplets, the family lost part of their income. Fortunately, the show helped. But, the Waldrops continued to look for other ways to support their kids and have enough money for the future.

Eric Waldrop originally raised sheep, which brought in some extra money. But when the Sweet Home Sextuplets babies were born, the family needed a passenger van big enough to hold the whole family. So Eric sold the sheep. Months later, the family seemed to be doing better. And Eric Waldrop felt it was time to find another investment venture. He found some cattle and decided to buy them. And told Courtney they would help to provide for their family in the long term.

After the Renovations

Now, Courtney Waldrop said that after the family finally finished all the renovations on their home, they could start flipping houses. She said that Eric was great at fixing up old places and making them look amazing.

Fans wondered if Courtney was serious or if it was just a joke. Only time will tell.

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