‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Is Keith Sowell Getting Booted This Week?

Survivor spoilers hint at Keith Sowell getting the boot at the next Manu Tribal Council. Keith, Wendy Diaz and Reem Daly put a target on their backs when they started doing chores together and the two girls gave Keith swimming lessons. Their fellow castaways commented that Keith’s group “have their own three person alliance”.

One of this week’s Survivor challenge is a water competition. Keith admits he has problems swimming, so he could be seen a weak link. At the last tribal council, his friend Reem was voted out. However, Keith was one of the votes sending her off the island, so it’s possible he’s built some in roads with the other players.

Will he be joining his friend Reem at the Edge of Extinction? Rumor also has it that either Wendy or Kelley Wentworth could be in trouble as well.

Survivor Spoilers: Keith Sowell Is The Youngest Castaway On ‘Edge of Extinction’

Keith Sowell is just nineteen-years-old, making him the youngest of this season’s Survivor castaways. Currently, Keith is a pre-med student studying at Duke University. Born and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina, his dream is to become a doctor one day.

His faith is very important to him. As is his family. Keith came on Survivor to take a shot at winning the million dollars so he could move them out of the trailer they live in. Since he claims to be already living against the odds, that is what will help him become the sole survivor.

Keith Sowell’s Friendship With Reem Daly & Wendy Diaz Has Him In Hot Water

Already, Keith Sowell is on everyone in the Manu Tribe’s radar. His closeness with Reem Daly and Wendy Diaz in the first episode was cause for some concern among the tribe. Reem has been voted off. Which leaves Wendy and Keith as obvious targets

Rick “Wardog” DaSilva and Survivor returnee David Wright were the ones to break the news to Wendy that Reem was going to go. But Wendy tried to stop it and told Reem who confronted the guys and made things worse for herself. If Keith sticks with Wendy he might not make it that far. He did vote Reem out so the tribe might see his loyalty.

Is Keith Sowell Getting Booted Because He Cannot Swim?

Keith Sowell had no idea how to swim before getting the good news that he would be a castaway on season 38 of Survivor . So obviously he learned because there are plenty of water challenges on the show that he needs to be prepared for. Problem solved, right? Not exactly.

According to a source, Keith falls behind during the water challenge that takes place this week and the Manu tribe has to help him. Survivor spoilers reveal that it sets his tribe back and gave Kama tribe a lead. His team might see him as dead weight and get rid of him to improve their chances of winning water challenges.

The lack of photos with Keith appearing in them for later challenges supports the theory. Also, Survivor gave him a very heavy edit in the first episode. In the past that has been a sign that a castaway gets booted early.

Kelley Wentworth & Wendy Diaz Could Also Be In Trouble

In other news, Kelley Wentworth and Wendy Diaz could also be in danger this week. Neither women is featured in any of the upcoming challenges press photos. So, it may be because someone went home. Since the other Manu tribe members are shown in the photos that leaves Wentworth and Wendy’s fates up in the air. The next Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode is airing this Wednesday.

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