‘Survivor’: Season 41 Pulled From CBS Fall Lineup Due to COVID-19

Survivor 41 news isn’t great for fans of the long-running reality show. It looks like CBS has pulled the show, hosted by Jeff Probst, and replaced it with another show for its fall time slot. Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic has once again postponed production and now season 41 will be pushed back, much like it’s sister show Big Brother. Keep reading to get the full scoop.

Survivor: Season 41 Supposed to Start Filming in July

According to earlier reports, Survivor‘s 41st season was supposed to begin production in July. Originally, it was touch and go because of the coronavirus. Yet, Fiji, where the show is filmed, declared itself COVID-19 free and has started allowing television shows to begin filming.

Survivor fans were ecstatic to hear this news because that meant it could air in its original date of September 23 at 8 pm. Jeff Probst and the rest of the producers were hopeful that they could pull it off. But now it doesn’t look like that’s going to be able to happen as previously planned.

Survivor Pulled From CBS Fall Lineup

CBS announced the news that Survivor season 41 would be coming later than usual. Or possibly not till next year. In a tweet, they said, “We want our [Survivor] fans to know that the health and safety of our crew and cast are of the utmost importance”. The company says they “look forward to returning when the time is right”. That they “can’t wait to hear Jeff say, “Survivors Ready?” once more.

CBS said that producers are “continuously” working with the Fiji government on an “appropriate time” to restart filming. They say that safety matters are the “top priority” moving forwards. Since the show isn’t coming this fall, another one has to take its place. So, The Amazing Race is moving down from it’s 9 pm timeslot to fill up the primetime spot.

Survivor 41

The Amazing Race: Season Already Filmed

Season 32 of The Amazing Race that’ll air this fall in Survivor‘s time slot was filmed way before the COVID-19 crisis broke out. It was the 33rd season that was in production when the outbreak happened. They were actually three episodes into filming when it got bad enough to postpone production.

In an effort to keep everyone safe, they sent the entire cast and crew back home to the United States. The safety of their people are more important than making a television show, the company says. But the show will return on Wednesday, September 23 at 8/7c. So, be sure to tune in.

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