‘Survivor’: Joe Engaged to Sierra – The Girl that Voted Him Off the Island

Survivor’s Joe Anglim and Sierra Dawn Thomas got engaged during a romantic road trip. The couple met on the Worlds Apart season 30, but it was not love at first sight. It took Joe and his No Collar alliance a while to earn Sierra’s trust. Plus, she had a hand in sending him home, voting against him at Tribal Council. Sierra cost Joe the one-million dollar prize in Survivor season 30, but he seems to be over it now.

It wasn’t until last year that the two started dating and fell in love. So it’s another successful love story for CBS reality shows – the show’s odds outdo The Bachelor by far…

Survivor: Sierra Dawn Thomas Says Yes to Joe Anglim

According to an exclusive interview with People, Sierra Dawn Thomas and Joe Anglim were on their way home from a wedding when it happened. They had stopped to camp for the night when he popped the question. The sun was setting and they were surrounded by a picturesque wildlife scene.

Sierra did not know it was happening until Joe got down on one knee. “I started crying and he started crying!” she shared on Instagram. Obviously, she said yes and now there is going to be a wedding in their future. He might not win Edge of Extinction but he did win Sierra’s heart.

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It Was Not Love at 1st Sight for Survivor Couple

Joe Anglim and his new fiance Sierra Dawn Thomas romantic relationship started long after Survivor: Worlds Apart. In fact, they were barely friends during their season and only worked together after Joe and his alliance convinced her to trust them. But, he was soon targeted once the numbers dwindled down.

And Sierra voted against him at the Tribal Council that ended up sending him packing. Joe did not hold it against her because the two are planning on spending the rest of their lives together. In fact, he probably thought the move was super hot.

Survivor: Joe Anglim Inspired After Sister’s Wedding?

Joe Anglim and his girlfriend Sierra Dawn Thomas were on their way home from Joe’s sister’s wedding when he proposed. So, was he inspired by the powerful ceremony he had just been a witness to? Maybe he just could not wait any longer to pop the question and take the next step.

Whatever the reason is, they both seem to be head over heels and their fans surely can’t wait to see what the future brings for them both. Be sure to watch Survivor: Edge of Extinction airs Wednesdays on CBS.

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