‘sMothered’ Meet Sunhe and Angelica – Sharing Bed, Bath, and Beyond

sMothered debuts on Sunday June 9 and fans will soak up Sunhe and daughter Angelica as fast as these two soak up each other’s bath suds. The new TLC show explores extreme bonds between mothers and their daughters. And extreme they certainly are. Sunhe is 51 and Angelica, her daughter, is 31. These two share everything including tub time. Yes. She dotes on her adult daughter in excessive ways.

sMothered Mother Sunhe Shares Everything With Angelica – Including The Bath

Sunhe was thrilled when she had her baby girl. She immediately knew she had a new best friend for life. She claims Angelica always tried to look like her mom. And started wearing her mom’s shoes at the age of 10. In the preview, Sunhe is seen getting out of a tub on sMothered. Then she calls to Angelica who slides right into that used (but still warm) bath water.

Sunhe even claims she can feel her daughter’s monthly cycles. What her mom also feels is sad and lonely when her daughter is out on a date. Obviously, she is single since her kid is the love of her life and object of her obsession. Angelica, though, is all about having a man in her life even though her mom paces and pouts the whole time her daughter is gone, as you see on the sMothered trailer.

sMothered – Angelica Tells Sunhe Everything

While TLC is no stranger to crazy shows about family dysfunction, this one certainly is extreme. 90 Day Fiance – on the same network – also features unusually close mother/son relationships. As in the case of Colt and Debbie Johnson. Certainly Sunhe pushes normal boundaries with Angelica on sMothered. The duo also have a shared Instagram account named big and little spoon. And they often sleep in the same bed.

Angelica admits she once kept a secret from her mom – when she lost her virginity. The pair say they can read each others minds. So, after two days of keeping quiet, Sunhe guessed it. Angelica says while watching TV a commercial featured a jackpot. Sunhe asked if her boyfriend had got her “jackpot”. Angelica does admit that sometimes she’s uncomfortable when mama Sunhe talks about her sex life.

Angelica Plans to Move Out – Sunhe Freaks Out

sMothered certainly pushes buttons. Sunhe even has matching rings with her. But Angelica’s boyfriend admits that it’s tough to secure alone time with her. Like some other cast members, the two claim to also share the same feelings. Sunhe also shares that she raised her as a single mother. The two have never lived.

Plus, Angelica’s dad left when she was just six months old so they’ve been on their own all her life. Sunhe says she doesn’t need a man as long as she has Angelica – her soul mate. But Angelica makes it clear she needs a man – and she’s got one she wants to move in with. Talk about an uncomfortable conversation. Tune in for the debut tonight on TLC at 10 to see how that goes.

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