‘sMothered’: Offers Cringe-Worthy Scenes of Extreme Mother-Daughter Bonds

sMothered premieres Sunday night on TLC with scenes depicting mother and daughter relationships that many people consider way out of the norm. From sharing bathwater to kissing a daughters pregnancy test stick, these sMothered women appear to wipe the word “boundaries” out of their vocabulary. Or at least that’s the impression you get from what this show promises.

It looks like sMothered is about to examine how close is too close when it comes to mothers and their daughters. Four mothers and their four daughters let the TLC sMothered cameras into their homes to document their close mother-daughter bond.

sMothered: Moms and Their Daughters Take Their Bond to the Extreme

On the sMothered previews, jaws dropped when the mother, Sunhe, explained if the bathwater is still warm, she’ll leave it for her daughter Angelica to use. This 50-year-old mom and her daughter, 30, already have tongues wagging after sharing the bath tidbit for the show’s premiere.

These two Las Vegas women look very much alike. During a recent talk show, the hosts explained how they had a hard time figuring out who’s the mom and who’s the daughter of this sMothered duo. They both look about the same age, although Sunhe is 20 years her daughter’s senior. When standing, the daughter towers over her mom.

Mom Sunhe, who is a makeup artist, explains how sharing the same bath water is an act of trust. While the two have their own bedrooms, they often sleep together in the same bed. Neither one sees anything wrong with the closeness they share. TLC’s sMothered may or may not change viewers minds about this way of life once they see the daily activities of the two women.

Sunhe Joins Angelica with Her Boyfriend on Most Dates

It seems Angelica feels people find things wrong with the bond the two share only because they don’t understand it. Sunhe admits on sMothered that Angelica is the love of her life. She follows that up by saying if she could find a man exactly like her daughter, she’d marry him.

Angelica welcomes her mom to join her on dates with her boyfriend of two years, Jason. The sMothered camera crews follow Angelica and Jason while they embark on a rare occasion. It’s a date consisting of just the two of them and Jason admits how nice it is to be alone with his girlfriend.

Still, both this mom and daughter share a motto that has to do with “good riddance” to the guy who’s not OK with their closeness. Both Angelica and Sunhe say their significant others are fine with the bond they share. Although Jason’s demeanor seems to indicate a little concern as the sMothered camera pans to him.

sMothered: Dawn Hubsher and Cher Hubsher Feel Like Twins

Probably the most talked about scene from the preview yet comes from Dawn Hubsher and her daughter Cher Hubsher. If you are a TLC fan, you’ve seen TLC’s sMothered commercial. Cher finds out she is pregnant and hands her mom the home pregnancy stick that indicates there’s a baby on board. Dawn kisses the stick and Cher turns to her mom saying she just peed on that. It didn’t seem to bother this mother-daughter duo at all.

Oddly enough, this mom and offspring are mirror images of one another. But this duo feels more like “twins” than anything else, so they say. Apparently, for that reason, they often dress alike. And Cher admits the longest she’s ever gone without talking to her mother is maybe “a few hours”. This sMothered daughter and mom are close!

Cher Not a Stranger to Reality Shows

While Cher’s husband felt like the third wheel while they first dated, Jared said he’s made his peace with their relationship today. He seems fine with it when talking to the TLC’s sMothered confessional cameras. Dawn’s husband, who is Cher’s dad is a doctor and Cher’s husband Jared is a doctor as well.

Fans of MTV’s My Super Sweet 16, might remember Cher as one of the privileged kids appearing on that show. So reality TV is not something foreign to her. Again, this mother and child look like carbon copies of each other. Yes, TLC digs deep into the mother-daughter relationship of four women and their four daughters on this new reality show. Much like their other reality series, TLC’s sMothered promises to offer some eye-opening experiences.

The premiere of sMothered rolls out Sunday, June 9 at 10 p.m. on TLC. It follows 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After.

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