‘sMothered’ on TLC: Meet Kathy and Cristina – Mom-Daughter Duo Addicted to Each Other

Tonight on sMothered, fans of TLC extreme TV meet Kathy and Cristina, one of four pairs of absurdly close mothers and daughters that push the parental envelope. The Italian mama-daughter duo is from Chicago and are as close as can be. They don’t sleep in the same bed like another pair on the show but they do live just five houses apart and are together constantly and video chatting when they’re not face to face.

sMothered Pair Share Everything – Cristina and Mama Mia Kathy – From Boob Jobs to Childbirth

These two are honest about their uber-close relationship and other aspects of their lives on the TLC sMothered promo. In a recent interview, Kathy referred to herself as a “tacky Italian” but doesn’t care at all. Both are stay-at-home moms, the 60 and 34 year old pair are either together in person or on the phone all the time.

They also shared in a recent chat with producers that they never leave each other out of anything. When single Kathy got plastic surgery (eyes and liposuction), daughter Cristina was at her side. And when Cristina got new boobs, of course, mama was on hand. But showing up to surgery seems like the most normal thing these two do on sMothered.

Cristina is Her Mom’s Superstar – Yet She Has Other Siblings

What’s most interesting perhaps about Kathy and Cristina’s mother-daughter bond on sMothered is that she’s not the only daughter. In fact, Cristina’s sister thinks their bond is bizarre – as does her husband Carlo. Talking about having Cristina, Kathy calls her “little star” and says having her was a dream come true. Mom Kathy says her daughter always acted like her and they had a “special connection” from birth.

She adds that she dressed Cristina like a doll and played with her. Rather than finding it overbearing, Cristina loved it and said her mother Kathy made her feel like a “little princess”. Kathy says she lives for and through her children. That’s more than one – she has children – plural. But only one seems to have this bizarrely needy sMothered connection. Kathy’s other daughter doesn’t seem to vibe this way.

sMothered Duo – GTL and Vacations Together

As self-admitted tacky Italians, of course, they do their GTL (gym, tan, laundry) together. They also admit they take every vacation as a unit. Cristina has been married nine years and has three children of her own – one son, two daughters. But that has only amped up Kathy’s presence in her life, it seems because now Cristina’s daughters are in this three-generation deep TMI-fest on sMothered.

Kathy says Cristina is the “light of her life” – but what does she call her other adult kids? As for Cristina, she hopes to have a relationship this intense with her two daughters and them to also have this bond with grandma. But where’s her son in this? Carol, Cristina’s husband, seems uncomfortable on sMothered but with almost a decade into the marriage, he has to know this won’t change.

Even when Kathy and her kid aren’t in each other’s faces, they’re Face Timing. This is clearly not a situation where it’s an overbearing mom and an annoyed daughter. This is a mom-daughter combo thrilled and eager to spend all their time with each other – even when those around them just don’t get it. Not only that, but they’re hoping to inspire other people to be extremely close to their parents. They’re trying to spread the sMother love.

Learn more about Kathy and Cristina tonight on the TLC premiere and check back at Soap Dirt for all your sMothered news and spoilers.