‘Sister Wives’: Ysabel Brown Stands Tall in First Post-surgery Pics

Sister Wives daughter Ysabel Brown got some airtime in the past few seasons with discussions about her spine’s curvature and halting its progression. The offspring of Kody Brown and Christine Brown went with a holistic approach at first. The teenager followed a time-consuming daily exercise routine. But while it didn’t correct her scoliosis, it seemed to slow it for a while, so it didn’t get any worse.

Sister Wives: Long Journey for Ysabel Brown

This daughter from the Brown tribe knew she might face corrective surgery down the line, as did Kody and Christine. Well, the day came for that surgery. During the hiatus between the last season of Sister Wives and the new one in the works, that procedure took place.

Sister Wives mom, Christine Brown, didn’t tell her followers online that Ysabel was about to undergo surgery. But she hinted to it when she came out and asked for her fans’ help. She told fans she needed to raise $50,000 for one of her daughters. They were scheduled to have surgery. At the time, she never mentioned which daughter.

But she let the fans know the health insurance wouldn’t cover $50,000 of this surgery. So she asked her Sister Wives customer base to buy as much of the clothing brand she sells as their wallets could afford. She planned to put this money toward that copay.

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown - Kody Brown

The Comments for Christine Brown

This caused some negative comments from fans of Sister Wives. Why didn’t they have health insurance that would cover such surgery is one question asked by fans. They also wanted to know why Kody wasn’t helping. Here is Christine peddling her wares, and Kody is nowhere around helping raise that money.

Still, Christine didn’t mention Ysabel Brown’s name. But she did say how she couldn’t offer a name due to this being covered in the new season. Then while on their way to New Jersey, where the surgery took place, Christine posted more pictures of her Sister Wives journey.

She took several of the Sister Wives kids with her to that state, where they stayed with Christine’s sister while Ysabel had her surgery. The Sister Wives followers got to see Ysabel in her hospital bed when Christine posted an update. By this time, everyone knew it was Ysabel having that procedure.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Ysabel Brown

Sister Wives: Wife Number Two Anger Some Fans

Christine kept her fans informed about Ysabel, her surgery, and her recuperation while in New Jersey. Then their little group of Sister Wives travelers hopped on the plane home. This time the kids posted photos. Gwendlyn Brown sat next to Ysabel Brown, and she made it obvious they were in first class on that plane in her caption.

This started yet another Sister Wives firestorm online. Christine begged her fans to buy, buy, and buy some more of the clothing she sells. Again, the money she made supposedly helped pay that co-pay. Now that they’re seen in the pricy first-class section, people wondered just how desperate Christine really was.

Some fans felt duped, but others suggested this major surgery might require that the daughter have some extra room on that fight. Some Sister Wives commenters suggested the flight crew may have offered her and her sister an empty seat in the first-class section.

It’s not too far-fetched to think that once they found out about her surgery, they’d want to make her comfortable. But this did little to calm down the Sister Wives critics.

vSister Wives: Ysabel Brown

Ysabel Appears Post-Surgery

Now Ysabel appears in a new photo today online. The Sister Wives teen stands on a wooded road in the photos above. Sister Wives enthusiast suggests the teen looks like she’s posing for a photo fit for the cover of a magazine.

She captioned the photos “Somewhere Only We Know.” But the location is not something the fans seem to care about. Instead, they focused on the straight and tall physical stature of Ysabel Brown.

Fans noticed how the teen daughter from Sister Wives looks like she grew taller in her latest posts. Ysabel Brown held a bouquet of sunflowers, and fans suggest she aces the look of a fashion model but with a bit of innocence thrown in.

So, even though Christine Brown let the fans know Ysabel’s surgery was a success, they could see this for themselves via her new online photos.

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