‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Sees The Dream Move Into Her Yard?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown appears to own more land than she bargained for after that tear-jerking episode of renting vs. buying a house. It seems the transaction for that property revealed more than just a single-family home. It appears that Robyn now owns more land than she needs.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Gets Spare Lot?

It looks like Robyn Brown and Kody Brown own that luxury home as well as an adjacent building lot. This isn’t a new purchase. This Sister Wives real estate transaction made Kody and Robyn the owners of the house they live in today.

But it seems fans wonder why this Sister Wives couple needs an extra building lot next to their new home. Especially when Coyote Pass still sits dormant after two years of ownership.

The news of this extra plot of land attached to Robyn’s property surfaced a while ago. But now that there’s still no movement on Coyote Pass, fans wonder what’s going on. Did the plans of the four Sister Wives houses or Kody’s one big house just tank?

Maybe now that the majority of the kids are young adults, the Sister Wives adults look at things realistically?

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Kids Grow In A Blink Of An Eye

Robyn has the family’s youngest offspring with Arie Brown 4, and Solomon Brown 9. Then Truely Brown, Christine Brown’s daughter is 10. After these three youngest Brown children then there’s a jump in age. Come this July when Breanna Brown turns 16, all but the three youngest kids mentioned above are old enough to drive.

Twelve of the Sister Wives kids are of legal age, so the big Sister Wives brood already started to thin out for housing purposes. With college and marriages, some of the kids have already moved out.

It seems the empty nest syndrome is around the corner for Janelle Brown with her youngest, Savanah recently turning 16. Meri’s nest is empty and has been for a while. She moved into that stage of life when her only child moved to Chicago.

Christine has another few years before Truely flies the coop, but that probably leaves her with just one home sooner rather than later. So it doesn’t seem to make sense for Kody Brown’s colossal home.

If they did go with the big house, the wives could probably scale down all those bedrooms. Except for Robyn with two little ones.

Also, Robyn’s plans call for Dayton to live at home while attending college. The same holds for individual homes they may build, as the kids go out into the world on their own, they need less space.

It won’t be too long now that the Sister Wives ladies find themselves with most of their kids fully grown.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Brown A Mountain Landlord?

Kody already mentioned last season how Coyote Pass went way up in value since the Sister Wives purchased the property. His latest idea was to build houses and rent them out.

This brainy idea hit him after a visit with his lawyer. Kody was told that with rentals so scarce in Flagstaff, offering rents is the way to go as they are sky-high.

He did bring this to his wives but details abruptly stopped as the Sister Wives ladies moaned over his new proposal.

Since the Sister Wives viewers haven’t seen the family on screen for a while, a lot can happen between the filming of the last season and today. Could it be the Sister Wives dream of building on Coyote Pass now moves closer to Robyn Brown’s new home?

If Kody did manage to talk his Sister Wives spouses into building rentals on Coyote Pass, they’d need somewhere else to go. Maybe they’ve come to a major compromise of some sort, which has to do with that extra land next to Robyn’s place.

After all, Kody did change up his ride. He’s now bouncing around town in a pickup truck. This is the right vehicle for a landlord who needs to keep up with maintenance on any homes rented out. But that might sound like too much work for Kody.

Robyn Brown - Kody Brown

Scale It Down At Home?

Could they be moving the kit and kaboodle of their housing problems to Robyn’s neck of the woods? Maybe a scaled-down version of their shared husband’s huge abode would work.

Since Robyn is already settled there, building their dream house or houses near Robyn at least leaves one wife already settled in her home. Instead of four homes, they’d need to build three.

After all, the original plans called for each wife to an average of four bedrooms. Two years into the move that’s now probably overkill for the number of kids at home.

Maybe they plan to build a scaled-down version of Coyote Pass in Robyn’s back yard. Robyn would have the dream she shares with her Sister Wives spouses… togetherness.

Could it be that Kody and his Sister Wives ladies took a look into their future golden years? Maybe just maybe the realization of what comes along with getting older hit them. This includes kids growing up and moving out.

So will Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn change their tune? Do they now picture five rocking chairs lined up on one front porch? Or do they think about four front porches, each with two rocking chairs when they think about the future? One for the lady of the house and the other reserved for Kody’s fourth-night visit.

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