‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Needs Childcare With Four Moms, Dad, and Slew of Teens?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown seems to have some outside help with child care despite the number of adults and teens within the family. So this week it looks like the TLC reality show started chatter online. It started when the new episode seemed to show a woman instead of the five parents taking care of Ariella Brown.

By showing clips of the unnamed woman on Sunday’s Sister Wives, it left room for assumptions by the fans. Each time she was on the screen, she’s seen caring for the youngest of the Brown family’s kids.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Has Childcare Help?

Some of the Sister Wives enthusiasts refer to this woman as Ariella’s nanny. But little is known about this woman beside the viewers catching a glimpse of her in several Sister Wive scenes.

Each time the Robyn Brown’s “nanny” pops up on the screen she has Ariella with her. The tot is either in this woman’s arms being carried around or on a leash with this woman holding the other end. Help for moving day is understandable, but she’s still carrying Ariella around days after on a family outing.

Robyn Brown is mom to Kody Brown’s two youngest children. Solomon Brown is now eight-years-old. Ariella Brown is four, but she was only three when this season of Sister Wives filmed. Robyn’s little girl turned four on January 10.

Sister Wives: Family Moving Day Flagstaff

Four Moms, One Dad, and Plenty of Older Siblings to Help

Fans assume she’s Robyn’s nanny, although, there’s no information to back that up. Viewers took in all the drama around Kody facing possible financial ruin during the first episode of Sister Wives Season 14.

So fans can’t imagine the family would pay for someone to watch Ariella when they’re in dire straits with money. But most of all, Robyn Brown bringing in outside help to watch one of the Sister Wives children seems to go against the culture of this family.

With four moms and one dad plus a huge resource of teenagers for babysitting, why would Robyn need help? That’s what the fans ask online today.

When the Sister Wives show first graced the TV screen almost a decade ago, they emphasized the benefits of plural marriage. Even before Robyn Brown joined the family the wives boasted how multiple wives made tasks of daily living much easier.

That was especially the case with caring for the children. Kody Brown’s wives were more than enough moms to keep the kids surrounded by love and care. When the Sister Wives series first aired, viewers got the advantage of the wives helping each other with the kids. People seemed to understand the benefits of this.

Sister Wives: The Kids Have Four Moms

Even those folks who couldn’t wrap their heads around polygamy did seem to see the kids benefiting by such loving family members. The Sister Wives made four moms look rather convenient in the earlier seasons of the show. If Christine Brown served fish sticks for dinner, the other wives’ kids could drop in if they liked the menu.

If Janelle was taking a run to a store, any of the more than a dozen kids could join her. Like Christine said on the premiere episode of this season, “it takes a village”.

Now the kids are older and Robyn Brown is mom to the two youngest of Kody Brown’s children. So she has a benefit the other moms didn’t have. Built-in teen babysitters. So, why not use the family members to help care for her little one? That’s what the Sister Wives fans ask online about Robyn Brown today.

Robyn Brown and Kody Brown don’t seem to go to leave the house and head to an actual workplace. It looks like their shared job comes to them when the TLC people show up with the cameras. So, with the two of them home, along with the other wives and older kids, isn’t there enough people around to help?

The wait is over, Tune in to TLC as all-new Sister Wives episodes air on Sunday nights.

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