‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Puts Daughter On Leash – Starts Debate for New Season?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown appears to be one of those moms who uses a leash to keep her youngsters, like Ariella Brown, safely within arm’s length. The youngest and newest wife of Kody Brown is the mom to his two youngest children.

Solomon Brown is eight-years-old and Ariella Brown is only three. So when the Sister Wives made their big move to Flagstaff, someone needed to keep a close eye on the little ones as the family moved the contents of four houses themselves.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown’s Toddler Ariella Brown On a Leash

Robyn Brown’s daughter, Ariella Brown, looks like she has a lot of energy in a new clip released on television. In one scene it shows the Sister Wives tribe unpacking a moving van. So to keep Ariella out of harm’s way it looks Robyn attached a leash to the Ariella Brown.

Little Ariella Brown is seen running around in circles in an area that spans as far as the leash allows. The screenshots of that clip appear below.

Leashing your pets is one thing, but using a leash for your children offers much debate online today. So when the youngest Sister Wives mom, Robyn Brown, had Ariella on the end of a leash, a little research indicates she’ll probably get backlash for this.

Nadine Silverthorne, a mom of two and managing editor of Today’s Parent participated in a recent debate. This covered the pros and cons of putting your kids on a leash.

While this was not at all affiliated Robyn Brown or the Sister Wives, it is still on the same topic. They discussed leashing a child. When Nadine’s daughter was two, this mom explains she was a force to be reckoned with when it came to energy. But Nadine said she never once thought of leashing her child.

Sister Wives: Ariella Brown

To Leash or Not to Leash – That is the Question

Teaching a child right from wrong and how to behave is part of the job you take on as a parent, Nadine suggested. Strapping a child to a leash takes away from that learning experiences. This mom witnessed tethered kids out of control while on that leash because they lack that self-discipline.

Amy Morrison, also a mom of two, offers a polarizing view of leashing a child in this debate. She has an opposite train of thought from the managing editor mom. Again, these ladies debated the topic of leashing your kids but they aren’t affiliated with Sister Wives.

Amy starts out by taking a look at today’s society. Pet owners think nothing of leashing up their dogs and even cats to keep them safe. Yet if you want that same security for your own child, who is much more precious than any pet, you’re frowned upon.

Sister Wives: Ariella Brown Tests the Boundaries of that Leash

In the Sister Wives scene, Ariella Brown is on a pink leash. But she is also on a sidewalk on the side of a street. Ariella is just two steps away from the traffic that uses that road.

So that leash would not permit her to wander into the street, keeping the toddler safe from any accident with traffic. But other moms think teaching your kids the correct behaviors to keep them safe from traffic is the way to go.

Moms everywhere debate this online today. They offer all the pros and cons of using a leash to keep your child within arm’s length at all times. That Sister Wives clip has Ariella running around only as far as that leash allows her to go. So it does make it easier to keep Ariella in sight.

One thing you might notice, it’s not Robyn Brown at the other end of that leash. It appears the Sister Wives family brought some help along to take care of the youngster while Robyn Brown helps to move the boxes.

Sister Wives: Leash on Kids Comments

She’s One Energetic Little Girl

The woman tethered to Ariella appears tired of the move already. This might speak to the energy level of the youngest child born to Robyn Brown and Kody Brown.

But Robyn Brown’s little girl appears to have enough energy to keep her caretakers busy. So the debate continues. Is a leash appropriate for a child or is it best left for family pets?

Sister Wives viewers, along with followers of Robyn Brown might have something to say about this when the scene plays out in the new season. Robyn will probably see some type of backlash. But as with everything else regarding the Sister Wives spouses, Robyn will also probably have fans come to her defense as well.

Some of the comments online regarding this topic appear above. It pretty much looks like it’s a split with just as many people agreeing as disagreeing on leashing your offspring.

Turn on TLC, Sunday night, January 5th to watch the new season 14 premier of Sister Wives.

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