‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Starved For Attention – Dares Fans In Latest Post?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown looks a bit desperate for attention these days as some of her fans noted after getting a look at her latest post. With a new season filming, the first wife of Kody Brown appears to act as a one-woman advertising company for Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: What’s Meri Brown Up to Now?

Some fans are disillusioned over Meri’s latest post where she slams her fans from Sister Wives for talking about her eyebrows. She posts a picture of herself and claims she did it because everyone is bored and making her eyebrows a topic of conversation.

It’s almost like Meri Brown baits her followers so they’ll strike up the conversation online. But once they did, she now acts flippant over the topic. It’s rather sad but it appears that she forgot where she came from.

It’s those fans who make a buzz over her eyebrows that push her name into the headlines. These same fans also keep Sister Wives afloat as dedicated viewers. Meri Brown didn’t always wear her eyebrows so dark and thick. In the photo below they looked rather normal.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

A Long Goodbye

Meri Brown continues to play out what some fans think is her final days with Kody Brown and the Sister Wives tribe. This long good-bye comes by way of cryptic messages from the seemingly unhappy wife.

Meri said she is going nowhere several times when interviewed. Despite this, she keeps posting these messages that sound contradictory. But she’s clever enough not to mention any names. So, when it boils down to it Meri can say that she happened to like these quotes. She could deny they’re based on the emotions she displayed on the screen.

Her most recent posts seem to focus on inspirational quotes of someone starting over in life. She’s caused more of a stir on social media in recent days. Her latest shared quotes seem to suggest she’s ready to find love again.

But Meri Brown never claims these cryptic messages are about her. She also never mentions Kody Brown or her Sister Wives clan. People just surmise she talks about her real-life through these quotes.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Meri In Dire Need Of Attention?

So, Meri Brown doesn’t care what people think and dares people to talk about her eyebrows today? Take a look at the two photos above. Meri Brown’s latest post is on the left. She seems to tone it down after the photo on the right caused a storm of eyebrow comments.

Apparently she does care because her latest photo doesn’t appear as drastic as the one before. Some folks suggested she might want to rethink her eyebrow style and go a bit more subtle and… it looks like she did.

Now that Meri seems to dare people to chat about her eyebrows, it might look as if she’s desperate for attention. Sister Wives’ followers started to comment on Meri’s eyebrows over the last few weeks because the look is so drastic.

But you can no longer do that as she’s shut off her comments. But that doesn’t stop the online groups from virtually plucking her eyebrows apart.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown

A Spin On Advertising?

There’s another reason all these attention-seeking posts work for Meri and that has to do with Kody Brown. He’s all about keeping the Sister Wives series going. In the past, he’s even taken major pay cuts from TLC to keep his reality show afloat.

With Meri and Kody seemingly on the outs, this spins the drama for the next season. Veteran Sister Wives fans can remember when Kody claimed to work in online advertising. Maybe he figured out a way to keep the viewers’ interest in the show by putting himself and Meri at odds.

Maybe Meri’s desperate need for attention isn’t about Meri Brown at all. It’s possible that what the fans saw in the Sister Wives therapist’s office and Meri’s seemingly long goodbye online is all about advertising.

Behind the scenes, you never know, Meri and Kody could be as happy as two peas in a pod. But spinning this nasty yarn between them keeps the viewers’ interest.

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