‘Sister Wives’: Can Kody Brown and His Four Women Really Pull This Off?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown and his four wives are now filming Season 15 but it sounds like it’s going to look different this time around. The reason for this – they needed to do things much differently during the pandemic. From what the Sister Wives spouses say there’s a different look to their huge family today – fragmented.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and New Season Looking Different?

Christine Brown confirmed they’ve been filming for some time now. She also explained just how they do the filming during the nation-wide stay-at-home plan. Kody Brown also said that the Sister Wives family takes this social distancing seriously. He put the brakes on any family gatherings.

All four of his wives stay within the walls of their own homes with their children. While he didn’t say where he hunkered down during this time, fans have a pretty good idea.

People from around the Sister Wives homes in Flagstaff reported in the past that Kody seems to spend most of his time at Robyn Brown’s house. His motorcycle and car that sit there most of the time appear to be a good indication.

Fans also know he is seeing his wives in person. Christine made a big production out of getting ready for a date night with her Sister Wives’ shared husband not too long ago. Papa Brown also interrupted a live sales pitch Meri was in the middle of with her online group of followers not long ago.

Kody Brown walked in like it’s something he’s used to doing. Meri also gave no indication that his unannounced visit was out of the norm. She appeared quite comfortable with Kody just barging in. So maybe these types of scenes are what fans can expect from the new Sister Wives season.


Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Kody Brown: One-on-One?

From what Kody and his Sister Wives ladies have said so far it sounds like fans can look forward to a lot of Sister Wives’ one-on-one interaction between Kody Brown and his wives.

Christine said they are making it work with cameras in the home. They also film one week on and one week off. With social distancing and Kody not getting together with all four wives to talk about the scenes from their couch, it will seem weird.

It sounded like they also had cameras around their homes picking up their daily activities. This is the next best thing to a film crew in a pandemic.

This gives the wives and hubby Kody Brown the opportunity to play up to the cameras. That’s if they so chose to. Of course, what fans get to say as the finished product comes from the TLC editing department.

But it sounds as if without the Sister Wives gatherings of the four wives and Kody together, leaves a few options. Either the wives film alone with their kids in their homes or fans get a glimpse of Kody Brown’s real-life schedule.

Sister Wives viewers don’t get to see Kody during his scheduled nights at each wives’ house. Maybe this time around fans will see what one of those individual nights looks like.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: When Will The New Season Air?

So, it sounds as if the format may be different than the norm. But will Kody Brown and his merry Sister Wives women be able to pull this off? The cry of the fans from last season was – “boring”. It seems as if they’ll have to work pretty hard in their own houses to put some pizazz back into Sister Wives.

Christine Brown is the one who let the cat out of the bag about a new season filming. TLC still hasn’t presented the official nod. But this is very much like seasons past. TLC usually announces the renewal of this popular reality series just weeks before the debut date.

If history is any indication, with the Brown family filming now, this would traditionally mean a January debut of the show. So TLC will probably acknowledge Sister Wives going forth a few weeks before Christmas with a January start date.

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