‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Nixes a Family Tradition that Makes Kody ‘Land Rich’?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown might burn the candle at both ends these days but her hard work opened up an exciting new chapter in her life. While Meri’s fans worry about her pushing herself too hard, Meri Brown is living life large today. Not to mention she seems to be enjoying life in a very independent fashion without her Sister Wives co-spouses.

Recent reports even have the original Sister Wives matriarch moving up in the housing department. She’s relocated to what sounds like a huge luxurious home in Flagstaff. It seems the rental property she first landed in when moving to Arizona was sold. So she went out and got herself a new place to live.

Sister Wives Update: Meri Brown Marching to Beat of Own Drummer These Days

Unlike her other Sister Wives co-spouses, Robyn Brown and Christine Brown, Meri Brown didn’t buy. Instead, she is renting a home. Janelle is also in a rental home but apparently her landlord didn’t sell the house like Meri Brown and Robyn’s landlord did. So there’s no reason for her to move like the other two Sister Wives women.

The Sister Wives clan is surrounded by mystery today as Coyote Pass sits vacant of dwellings yet Robyn and Kody Brown recently purchased a home with a price tag close to $1 million. Christine opted to buy a house when they first moved from Vegas to Flagstaff. She never lived in a rental home in Flagstaff, she co-owns her house with Kody Brown.

But Meri Brown didn’t follow Robyn’s lead and buy a home when her rented house was sold out from under her. This leads some of the Sister Wives followers to believe Meri is cutting ties with the rest of the adults in her plural marriage. Robyn seems to put down roots with home-ownership. But to the fans, Meri doesn’t appear too anxious to settle down for good in Flagstaff.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Kody Brown on Seven Property Deeds

When one of the four wives buys property it’s not sole ownership. Family tradition seems to indicate that Kody’s name goes on that deed as well. Today in Flagstaff, Kody’s name appears on seven deeds. He’s named on four parcels of land in Coyote Pass as the co-owner with his individual wives.

Then Kody Brown’s name appears as co-owner for Christine’s Flagstaff home. This is followed by Robyn’s new Flagstaff mansion, again with Kody on the deed.

That makes six properties the leader of the Sister Wives brood co-owns. But the Flagstaff property deeds show yet another parcel of land recently purchased by Kody Brown. This makes the seventh deed his name appears on and deepens the mystery. He happened to purchase another building lot near Robyn’s newly purchased estate.

What Kody has planned for this empty lot is just about anybody’s guess. But one thing is for sure, on paper the Sister Wives shared husband looks land-rich. But not only Kody, it looks like Robyn is collecting properties in her name with Kody as well. While each wife has a property with Kody Brown, Robyn’s name appears as a co-owner on four.

Meri Brown seems to be the only wife with any type of real estate in her own name.  This also makes her the first of his four wives to leave Kody’s name off a property deed. The house she purchased and turned into her business remains all hers.

Her business and property, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, is located in Utah. Sister Wives viewers probably remember how an undercurrent emerged among the family when Meri didn’t want the Sister Wives tribe involved with Lizzie’s.

Sister Wives News: Meri Brown Launches SS Independence and Hurts Some Feelings?

Maybe not having Kody’s name on a property for the first time was the real problem last season. Something caused all the angst at the Sister Wives round table during a few episodes as tempers flared. Kody Brown fancies himself as the leader of this family.

But Meri Brown wanted this property to belong to her and only her. At the time, it looked as if money was the root of the problem. But maybe TLC’s editing sculpted the scene to play out that way. Maybe they didn’t want it to appear as a rip in the family.

So possibly, TLC edited the scenes to make it more about the money for that reason. It would be hard to keep the Sister Wives show going with a fracture in their plural marriage.

This might have been a Sister Wives scene that was more about Meri’s break away from the family than anything else. While it looked as if Kody became angry maybe it was more about a wound to Papa Brown’s ego.

After all, this was the first time he didn’t have his hands in one of his four Sister Wives partners’ businesses or properties. In other words, the leader couldn’t lead in this case.

Meri Climbs Her Way to the Top

Quite possibly, Robyn, Christine, and Janelle might have felt a twinge of jealousy as their co-spouse was the first to strike out on her own. Either way, Meri is living a life of independence today and she’s not keeping it a secret from the Sister Wives fans.

She’s in Orlando, Florida, at Disneyworld this weekend for a LuLaRoe leadership event. Since Meri Brown is one of their top sales associates, she appears to be somewhat of a celebrity in the LuLaRoe community as well as a Sister Wives fan favorite.

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