Sister Wives: Meri Brown Loves Him – She’s Staying but Takes Whack at Fans?

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown ripped out of her methodical mode and bypassed her usual riddle ridden quotes to say she loves this man. There’s no mistaken who Meri refers to as being the man she loves, that’s Kody Brown. The original Sister Wives matriarch and patriarch banded together this weekend to deliver the truth and dispel the rumors. But the delivery of her declaration of love gathers some questions.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Does About-Face

This latest photo shocked the followers of the TLC series. Especially the Sister Wives fans who chatted for months about the demise of Meri Brown and her shared husband Kody Brown. The photo was well received by Meri’s followers. But some wanted to know what’s up with Meri’s reprimand-like words?

Sister Wives viewers gave thumbs up to Meri Brown. She said that she owes no one an explanation but she’s doing it anyway. While she said she realizes she puts her life out there for everyone to see, at the end of the day it is her life. She doesn’t need to explain herself.

Several fans differed with Meri’s thoughts on her sudden disclaimer. Yes, she puts herself out there, but look what fans see. Kody Brown annihilated her in the last few seasons. In the final few episodes, Meri Brown was so sad that fans worried about her.

Many of the Sister Wives enthusiasts watched as Meri seemed painfully hurt by her shared husband. So they offered their support. Of course, they advocate for her to leave, she seemed so miserable. But not today Meri bites back at those caring fans. She tells them not to get their hopes up, as she’s staying put.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown

Not Fans Fault – They Ran With What She Gave Them

Another fan bit back after Meri’s words may have sounded a bit snarky at one point to a few Sister Wives enthusiasts. Several people thought she turned the blame on fans for these rumors about the Sister Wives couple splitting up.

After explaining she’s been in this committed relationship for 30 years and she loves Kody Brown she offered a slam. A few of her followers caught her sarcasm. So, it sounds official coming from Meri Brown. The original matriarch of the Sister Wives has no intention of leaving Kody. Then she seems to snap back at her fans. Meri warns them that despite the rumors suggesting she’s leaving  – “don’t get your hopes up on that.”

Many of her fans seemed thrilled that she finally addressed this on-going chatter. But others pointed the finger back at her. To begin with, Meri Brown started this Sister Wives confusion, a few fans suggest. Her gloom and doom mood on the show during the last Sister Wives season followed a barrage of sad open-ended quotes and messages.

Fans could only assume Meri struggled with leaving with Kody Brown. That’s because most of the things she said came off as a woman getting ready to launch into life on her own. Those viewers who’ve come to care for this co-wife through a decade of Sister Wives got behind her. They wanted her to leave and find happiness.

Even now that she claims she’s sticking with him, some fans are still confused as to her choice. They saw how Kody treated Meri on the show. They also remember the horrible things he said to her, including how he felt Meri Brown manipulated him into their marriage.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Sarcasm Weaved Into Declaration of Love?

So, now Meri Brown tells them not to get their hopes up that she’ll leave. It’s not that her fans got this idea of Meri leaving all by themselves.  The first wife of this Sister Wives clan gave them the fuel for those thoughts. No, they only went by what Meri fed them. She was sad, lonely and it sounded as if she pondered on leaving Kody. So they cheered her on to find happiness.

Meri’s latest Sister Wives address to her fans sets her situation straight. But why she let it go on for such a long time no one knows. It certainly kept the Brown family in the headlines. They say any publicity is good publicity.

So today, some of the Sister Wives fans seem happy for Meri Brown, as long as this makes her happy. But blaming the fans for thinking she was ready to cut ties with Kody, well, that’s a stretch. Especially because she originally planted those seeds.

While some think Meri did this to put an end to all the assumptions that she started with her quotes, Meri doesn’t seem to see it that way. It doesn’t sound as if she realizes she supplied the foundation for these assumptions. The same ones that she now tries to rid herself of. Is this a case of shame on the fans or shame on Sister Wives star Meri Brown?

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