‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown In New Reality Show – But It’s News To Her?

Sister Wives Meri Brown offers a big shout out in her latest post to the people who made her part of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore. For the last few days, one lone headline took Meri out of the Sister Wives show. Instead, it placed her on the same show that gave the world Snooki (Nicole Polizzi).

If Meri Brown ever wanted to make a point that you can’t believe everything you read, well here it is. When you first read the headline you might think this Sister Wives celeb made a guest appearance. But you soon learn it’s something else.

The Sister Wives star proves that she’s a good sport. She calls the news in the headline the “best ever” after all the headlines she’s read about herself in the past. The headline reads, “Jersey Shore’s Meri Brown Reunites Husband Kody [Brown] Amid Marital Issues”.

Sister Wives: Looks Like Meri Brown Hits East Coast Show?

At first glance, you might think Meri headed off to the Jersey Shore for a romantic getaway with Kody Brown. But that’s not the case. It appears the wrong show landed in the headlines. So Meri writes in her latest post, “Apparently I’m now on Jersey Shore”. Hey, stranger things have happened within the world of reality TV.

Meri appears to be having the time of her life on all these LuLaRoe trips she’s taking. But she probably wouldn’t fit in with the Jersey Shore crowd. She might have fun with them but it’s hard to imagine Meri Brown in that lifestyle compared to Sister Wives living.

Kody’s wife Meri Brown is into clothes and lots of them these days via LuLaRoe. Maybe she could get Snooki and company to try her goods on for size? But that’s not going to happen. It seems Meri stays put with her co-spouses that make up her plural marriage during the new season.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

You Can’t Believe Everything You Read

As much as it seems the Sister Wives matriarch, Meri Brown, got a kick out of the headline, she’s not on Jersey Shore. Radar Online seemed to hit a snafu with the wrong show in that headline. But it did what any good headline sets out to do – get folks talking.

Not only were the Sister Wives fans scratching their heads when they first saw it, but Meri mentioned it in her online post.

With another season of Sister Wives right around the corner, this is priceless advertising for the show. People can’t wait to see how all those cliffhangers worked out when the last season came to a close. For just one minute fans even thought that Meri Brown joined a new reality show. All this free advertising can’t hurt.

Sister Wives: Season 14 – Where is Meri Brown?

Sister Wives returns with Meri Brown and Kody Brown in therapy trying to repair their marriage. The new season promises all kinds of odd things, like one of the wives being driven from their rental home by neighbors.

The thought of nasty neighbors is enough for Sister Wives viewers to tune in. But in addition, Kody Brown’s big house sounds closer to reality, according to what the previews suggest.

It’s not that the Sister Wives women want to build a big house, it looks like financial problems push the Kody Brown family in that direction. Although… the previews did say there’s some arguing among the wives over the division of property.

So they could get their separate homes and battle over who gets what lot. Still, the division of property could refer to their space in Kody’s communal castle.

So, it looks like TLC relinquished just enough information for assumptions to spin. That means fans will have to tune in when the new season rolls out.

Season 14 of Sister Wives premieres on TLC Sunday night, January 5.

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