‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Reveals Robyn’s ‘Ick Factor’ in Embarrassing Interview

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown did something very strange after Kody Brown aimed an insult at her during a televised interview. Instead of defending herself, the fourth wife of Kody Brown from the TLC reality series defended her husband.

Some Sister Wives fans thought what Kody said to Robyn Brown was pretty bad. But the facial expressions around him offered all the evidence needed to describe the severity of his slam.

Despite the other co-wives, the woman doing the interview, and some of the audience vocalizing their anger, Robyn backed the Sister Wives patriarch. Then when the other wives tried to make Kody peddle back on what he said, he wouldn’t. But he insists they talked about this before and Robyn Brown knows how he felt.

Sister Wives: Sharing Kody Brown

This interview came during the early years of the Sister Wives series when Kody Brown and his wives became a nationwide novelty. Everyone wanted to know how this fivesome worked. Meri cleared the plate of questions during another interview early on by explaining they don’t do weird.

This was after another Sister Wives interview brought up their bedroom schedule. The wives made it clear – four wives, four separate bedrooms. Kody is invited into any one of the four bedrooms at any time. But just Kody is invited, Only one wife at a time like Meri said… they don’t do weird.

While the Sister Wives adults seemed pretty open when answering questions, sometimes Kody said too much during these interviews.

Like what he did in the video below in this article. Those interesting questions turned into inquiries about how Kody met his wives. He was quick to answer, maybe just a bit too quick because it appeared he didn’t think before he blurted out an insult.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Robyn Brown Had ‘Ick Factor’?

The Sister Wives leader offered his first impression of wife number four during the interview. He described how he thought Robyn Brown had the “ick factor”. This insult quickly changed the mood of the interview.

The Sister Wives father of 18 seemed to make himself out to be a catch. Once, during another interview, Kody described a spark that he eventually felt for Robyn. Apparently, this came after that rather nasty first impression.

Kody Brown described this spark as being unlike the type you feel in your groin. Instead, he said that it’s a spark of a spiritual connection. Sister Wives fans were privy to all the sparks as Kody eventually got over that ick factor. He followed Robyn Brown around like a teenager in love on the reality series.

It’s probably safe to say this factor of the ick wasn’t around for long. But apparently, it was there at first and when Kody blurted this out during the interview, Robyn seemed to understand why.

Sister Wives: Mortified Robyn Defends Kody

It’s not as if Robyn Brown became Kody Brown’s first divorced wife, no Janelle divorced her previous husband as well. But she was the first to bring her own children to the Sister Wives family.  So, when Kody described how he mulled over the prospect of Robyn as his fourth wife, one of his first roadblocks was the ick factor.

Before Kody could explain what he meant by this, the interviewer, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown raised their voices. The woman conducting this interview asked Kody if he just said what she thought he said.

The interviewer then pointed out the grimace on Robyn’s face as he said it. But Robyn didn’t wait to hear anyone else speak. Even as the co-wives and the interviewer tried to reprimand Kody, Robyn came out verbally swinging.

The Sister Wives viewers commented on this scene. Many felt embarrassed for Robyn Brown as she defended her shared husband instead of walking off the stage. But Kody Brown’s fourth wife explained what Kody meant by the comment that dropped jaws.

Robyn Brown said that coming into the Sister Wives clan as a divorced woman with three kids put a lot of responsibility on Kody. It’s a lot of work and he already has a ton of work with the family before Robyn arrived. So she claims she “understands that now.” Well, she might have understood this but the Sister Wives audience found Kody’s ick factor comment demeaning towards Robyn Brown.

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