‘Sister Wives’: Is Meri Brown’s Sudden Gloom Real Sadness or Cliffhanger Bait?

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown didn’t post a cryptic message this time around as it seems she’s pretty clear over what she’s talking about. It seems obvious that Meri experiences sadness as she writes about how you cannot force a relationship.

She doesn’t mention names. But Meri Brown does say that she’ll be waiting for whenever the person or people she’s referring to are ready. So, what is the agenda behind this post?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Suffers In Sadness – Or Bait For New Season?

This message from the Sister Wives matriarch comes on the heels of the fans’ recent confusion. They’re perplexed over Meri Brown’s status with Kody Brown. Last week her shared husband busted in on her while she was live on camera selling LuLaRoe clothes online.

This interruption from the Sister Wives husband spawned massive confusion among the fans. That’s because the last any of the viewers knew, Meri and Kody’s marriage was basically over.

Both shared how they no longer took part in each other’s lives. But then Kody sashayed into Meri’s house and tossed out orders like its something he does regularly.

Meri Brown seemed fine and she happily did what her Sister Wives shared husband requested. This went against what fans heard from Kody and Meri at the end of the last season. Now some fans think Meri’s saying one thing on the show for drama. Then it appears she turned it around and now lives real-life differently.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Reboot Cliffhanger to Entice Fans to New Season?

Christine Brown actually confirmed Sister Wives Season 15 is in the works. She explained that the camera crew is filming the family one week on and one week off. So, there’s no doubt Meri Brown is aware she needs to keep the fans wanting to watch that new season.

One of the biggest Sister Wives cliffhangers from the last season is Meri’s relationship with Kody. Now that fans got a glimpse of them at Meri’s house and things look just fine, it goes against that cliffhanger.

So, is her latest post a way of pulling fans back in. Don’t forget, Meri never mentions a name in the post. But you can assume from what she is saying it’s about those once close to her.

This time instead of this coming from someplace random, she uses the word “I”.  So while you don’t know who the other people are, you do know it’s Meri who is experiencing this and it sounds like some sad feelings surface.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown


Sister Wives: The Proverbial On and Off Switch Of Reality-TV

During this season of Sister Wives, two out of the five members of this plural marriage seemed to suggest editing made them somewhat a victim.  Christine Brown suggested the editing process created that look of her bratty behavior.

She adamantly refused to even talk about the big house that Kody wanted to build and she caught some backlash from fans. She was such a roadblock that even her most loyal fans offered some disappointment in her behavior.

Then Meri just came out this week suggesting she’s filmed for only 17 hours out of a year, so it’s not the best picture of her life. It sounds like the editing process put a twist on life for these two Sister Wives ladies. But just like TLC has control over what is tossed out to fans, Meri Brown has control over what gets thrown at her followers on social media.

This latest post seems to have a touch of doom and gloom thrown in and it came from Meri. If she is really feeling that way then that’s just awful. But if it’s bait to bring fans in to see where her relationship stands with Kody then that’s just as awful in the eyes of her die-hard fans.

A few nights ago in real-time everything looked fine between the two of them on that live clip where Kody barged in. Now, just days later, Meri Brown sounds like she’s lost a few relationships and might be suffering. That’s a scenario sure to entice the fans back to Sister Wives Season 15.

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