‘Sister Wives’: Gwendlyn & Ysabel Brown Party Before Spine Surgery

Sister Wives stars Gwendlyn Brown and Ysabel Brown are enjoying some girl time at the beach this week ahead of Ysabel’s surgery. The sisters, along with their mom Christine Brown and younger sister Truely Brown are on the East Coast. Here’s what the Sister Wives ladies have been up to as Ysabel prepares for surgery next week.

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown To Have Scoliosis Surgery

We first learned of Ysabel Brown’s scoliosis diagnosis in 2017 on her family’s hit TLC reality series Sister Wives. The daughter of Kody Brown and Christine Brown has been battling the aggressive curve of her spine for over five years. Her father in particular wanted to make sure they explored all possible non-surgical options. However, bracing and other holistic approaches failed to correct or halt the curvature. So now the high school senior will have a lengthy 12-hour surgery to finally get relief.

Sister Wives’ mom of six Christine Brown is with Ysabel, Gwendlyn, and Truely in New Jersey ahead of Ysabel’s operation. Since they were in North Carolina visiting Maddie Brown Brush prior to arriving in NJ, they’re required to quarantine 14 days before Ysabel can be admitted to the hospital. Due to the quarantine requirements before and after the surgery, Ysabel’s dad Kody Brown will not be there. The family decided the month away from the rest of the family was not in the family’s best interests.

The Two Show Off Bikini Bodies

Sister Wives celebs Gwendlyn and Ysabel Brown are enjoying a little sister time this week ahead of Ysabel’s big operation. Since they’re staying with their aunt near the Jersey Shore, they have plenty of free time to relax and enjoy some fun in the sun.  The sisters snapped a few beach pics (see below).

The blonde beauties look stunning in nearly matching bikinis. It’s unexpected to see the girls in sexy beach attire considering their family is rather religious. However, it is apparent they do not have modesty standards to follow—or maybe they take liberties when they know their father isn’t around.

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown - Gwendlyn Brown

Sister Wives: New Jersey Is Home Base For Next Few Weeks

Christine, Truely, and Gwendlyn will call  New Jersey home probably through the end of next month as they wait for Ysabel’s release from the hospital. Even after Ysabel is allowed to leave the hospital it will likely be a few more weeks for the ladies to be able to fly back to Flagstaff. Thankfully both Ysabel and Truely are doing remote learning this semester. So they won’t fall behind on their schoolwork.

Ysabel’s scoliosis surgery will be featured on the next season of Sister Wives which is currently in production. So details in real-time are vague at best due to the family’s NDA with TLC. For now, Christine and her daughters are doing their best to make some fun memories ahead of Ysabel’s life-changing surgery.

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