‘Sister Wives’: Did Meri Brown Make Each New Wife Pay a Price?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown had Kody Brown all to herself for three years until they decided it was time to start up their plural marriage. Meri knew what she was signing up for when marrying Kody.

They talked about how they would create a large Sister Wives family long before she married her future shared husband. These two tied the knot in 1990.

Janelle Brown didn’t join them until 1993 at which time turned their monogamous marriage into one of polygamy.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Says Goodbye to Monogamy

But during those three years when it was just Sister Wives‘ Kody Brown and Meri. The first wife makes their time alone sound like wedded bliss. She loved Kody and they were “inseparable,” which is how she describes her time alone with him.

Meri loved their quiet romantic dinners, curling up together on the couch to watch a movie, and holding hands wherever they went. But that all came to a screeching halt as soon as more women were on the horizon for Kody Brown.

This first was all on board with sharing her man with other wives before she even married Kody. But being aware of this and living this way are two different things.

Their days as an exclusive couple were a thing of the past. Anything resembling romance now went out the window until they were behind closed doors in their Sister Wives home.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, Robyn Brown

Everyone Gives Their Blessing

In order for Kody to bring a new wife into the Sister Wives family, each of Kody’s wives must agree. In the case of  Meri Brown, she signed on to this a few times, four to be exact.

That’s counting the one for Kody that got away. The unnamed woman was a week away from marrying Kody when the wedding was called off. She would have been the second wife for the family that makes up the TLC reality series Sister Wives.

But starting with the second wife and all the way through to the fourth, Meri Brown gave Kody her blessing. But once Kody married a new wife Meri seemed resentful. Not just once, but with each new wife who landed on their front stoop, the first wife seemed to have issues.

It sounds as if Meri Brown welcomed each new prospect with open arms. But once that wedding band went on their finger, she became what sounded resentful. She even became territorial with the house.

Best Friends

Sister Wives: Resentment For Robyn Brown Her Bestie

The way she treated each new wife came from Meri’s own admission. She detailed this in a book that she and her family penned together years ago. Even Robyn got that treatment. This might be surprising to the Sister Wives followers because she was instrumental in getting Kody Brown and Robyn Brown together.

Not to mention that Meri Brown made instant friends with Robyn before she even courted Kody. But when Robyn returned from their honeymoon, Meri seemed as if she blamed Robyn for all her own unhappiness with Kody Brown.

Meri Brown was not always subtle. This Sister Wives mom of one sounded almost tyrannical when you hear how she treated Janelle. It seems as if this second wife to join Kody in spiritual matrimony felt she never did anything right in the eyes of Meri Brown.

 Janelle Brown

Janelle Brown Hit Especially Hard

Janelle talks about all the Sister Wives household tasks and how Meri would reprimand her harshly for doing them wrong. At one point, Janelle runs off a laundry list of all the things Meri nitpicked at when it came to Janelle’s housework.

Janelle describes how she put the dishes in the wrong place and she folded Kody Brown’s clothes all wrong in the eyes of the matriarch. These were just two of the many slams Janelle endured.

When she came into this Sister Wives household, she learned quickly never to touch Meri’s clothes in the dryer. Even if they sat long after the dryer shut off.

It was the treatment she got from Meri that prompted Janelle to get her own place and she did with her kids. Janelle remained in her own home for a few years until they decided to move again to another state.

Janelle didn’t cause a threat to the Sister Wives matriarch in the romance department. This is something both ladies said when talking about this later in life.

Father of 18 With Third Wife Christine

Sister Wives First Wife Faced With Flirtatious Christine Brown

But when Kody became smitten with Christine Brown, that’s when the romantic jealousy came into play.

These Sister Wives women would not be human if they didn’t feel a pang of jealousy while the man they loved was with another woman. They admit that jealousy reared up through the years.

With Janelle, Meri still played the romantic part in Kody’s life. She saw Kody’s attraction to Janelle as more cerebral than romantic. Again, both ladies coincide with this detail after some years went by.

Meri was jealous of Christine’s flirtatious ways. This was yet another entry into the Sister Wives marriage that Meri couldn’t ease into a relationship right away.

Matriarch from the Brown Family on TLC reality series covering a plural marriage

So, Why Did Meri Brown Opt For Life Inside a Plural Marriage?

The matriarch of the Sister Wives brood was brutal at times, especially to Janelle, the first invader of her monogamous marriage. But it seemed Meri was jealous and angry as each new wife joined the family.

Robin, Christine, and Janelle all felt her wrath at one time or another. But not until after they enjoyed Meri during Kody’s courting period. For some reason, as they came home to start their place in the family, Meri had issues with them.

But, there was one time in Meri’s life that she was on cloud nine with Kody Brown. That seems to be when she had her shared husband all to herself.

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