‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Christeline Cries – Is Her Relationship Over?

Seeking Sister Wife star Christeline breaks down as she talks about the future of her relationship. As she cries, she wonders what the next steps are for her in the future with Dimitri Snowden.

Seeking Sister Wife: Christeline Travels To The USA

On Seeking Sister Wife, Christeline travels from South Africa to the United States. During her brief trip to the States, she talks about how she’s leaving behind her two children. She says she’s excited to see what the dynamic is between her, Dimitri Snowden, and Ashley Snowden. Also, she says she’s going to keep a careful look at how the Snowdens treat their children. She says how they interact with their kids will give her a better idea of how her children will be treated in the household.

Also, Christeline from Seeking Sister Wife says she’s never been in a polygamist relationship before. She says this will be her first time ever in her life trying out a plural relationship, but that she’s always been open to the idea. However, she’s keeping it a secret from her brother and other loved ones. Christeline says she’s keeping an eye out for any red flags that may be a potential risk to her in the future.

Seeking Sister Wife: Christeline

Potential New Spouse Cries About Relationship

After spending a few days in the USA with Ashley and Dimitri Snowden, it’s time for Seeking Sister Wife star Christeline to head back to South Africa. On her last day in the US, Dimitri takes her out to learn salsa dancing. When they get back home, Dimitri and Christeline show Ashley the dance moves they learned. However, Christeline quickly admits she’s feeling exhausted. So, she prepares to go to bed to get ready for her trip back to South Africa.

However, Christeline from Seeking Sister Wife isn’t ready to go back without shedding a few tears. As Dimitri packs her bags into the car the next morning, she quickly wipes her tears away. She sobs as she talks about how she isn’t ready to leave and go back to her home country yet.

Seeking Sister Wife: Christeline

Seeking Sister Wife: Christeline Meets Other Potential Wife

Christeline from Seeking Sister Wife says she spent a couple of months courting the Snowdens. But, during this time of courtship, she was introduced to another potential sister wife. The other sister’s wife’s name is Taylor and Christeline describes her as “warm” and with amazing energy. Then, Christeline says Taylor is exactly what she’s looking for in a female best friend. Also, they spend every day talking to one another and growing their bond. But, she realizes there’s a lot of new things coming into her life, so Christeline admits she feels overwhelmed.

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