Royal Family: Prince Harry and Meghan Ousted From Queen’s Portrait Table?

Royal family news suggests the portrait of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle vanished from its once prominent place in the Queen’s sitting room. It seems several arm-chair sleuths among the royal watchers recently noticed something missing.

Recent photos and videos show the portrait of Prince Harry and Meghan is no longer on the Queen’s table. Theories run rampant today over what some royal family watchers see as a snub by the Queen.

This news surfaces in the midst of chatter putting Meghan Markle and Harry at odds with royal family members. So with the portrait seemingly missing this adds more fuel to the fire of that chatter. But as the old adage says, there are two sides to every story. This includes stories emerging from the royal family watchers as well.

Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Snubs Father-In-Law

Another bit of royal family chatter today has to do with Meghan Markle and Prince Charles. The future king is seen as a father-in-law who went out of his way to welcome Meghan into the royal family. Charles escorted Meghan Markle down the aisle the day she became his daughter-in-law.

Royal family enthusiasts embraced that touching scene. It seemed to soften the image of Prince Harry’s dad as well. Reports following the wedding had Charles and Meghan forming a bond. So it seems Charles was someone Meghan could turn to when the royal family critics had her in their scopes.

But the reports today suggest Meghan Markle repaid her father-in-law with a snub. It seems Charles invited Meghan months ago to be the special guest of honor at his exhibition opening. Meghan was all set to accompany her father-in-law but as reports suggest she backed out. Now the headlines bill this as Meghan Markle “snubbing” Prince Charles.

Royal Family: Queen Elizabeth

Did the Wife of Prince Harry Really Snub His Royal Father?

While Meghan comes off looking like she turned her back on Prince Charles, in reality it appears she had no choice. According to royal family reports, Charles’ exhibition about his work airs in a two-part series on ITV. The first part rolled out this week with the second slated to air on October 31.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry make waves today after their hour-long documentary aired on ITV this week. So you have Prince Harry and Meghan in one documentary on ITV and Prince Charles in another, airing just days apart.

It wasn’t Meghan who backed out of her guest of honor spot at Charles’ exhibition opening. No, reports indicate “Team Sussex was not prepared to allow the Duchess a starring role in a rival show.” There you have it, the other side of the story.

Royal Family: Prince Harry - Meghan Markle

Royal Family Update: Queen Removes Prince Harry and Wife Meghan’s Portrait?

From all the photos coming out of royal family articles today, it’s easy to see Meghan and her royal husband’s portrait is missing. The arm-chair detectives at home posted before and after pictures of the table that once held that portrait in the Queen’s special room. So perhaps it’s more accurate to say, that portrait is not where it once was.

In the photos above, the portrait of Meghan and Harry showed up on that table in a post from July 3 and again on October 3. Then two days ago a post depicting the same room and table shows the photo gone. But Kate Middleton and Prince William’s portrait remains.

So sometime between October 3 and October 23, the portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was taken off that table. Or you can play the devil’s advocate and suggest it simply flipped down and no one noticed.

But, other reports suggest the royal family portraits that sit on that table are not cemented in place. This is certainly not the first time the Queen’s sitting room table changed royal family members’ portraits.

A Lot of Royal Family Members for One Little Table

The portraits that recently sat on that table included Prince William and Kate Middleton. Their photo sat in the back of the portrait of Meghan and her husband Prince Harry. But the Queens two grandsons and their wives weren’t always there. According to royal watchers, these portraits replaced one depicting Princess Anne and her husband Timothy Laurence.

Removal of the Princess Anne portrait wasn’t a snub. It just suggests that the Queen likes to change things up from time to time, according to some royal family followers.

Today the portrait of William and Kate sit on the table alongside another photo. That picture depicts the Queen’s two grandsons, William and Harry. The Queen has such a large extended royal family and that table is small.

So to say anyone not appearing on that table in a portrait is a snub might just be a bit of a stretch. Then again, it is odd that William and Kate remain but Harry and Meghan appear missing. So speculation runs wild today as to why only one remains and the other is gone.

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