‘Return to Amish’ Season 6: Jeremiah Raber Hints New Season While Clapping Back

Return to Amish could be coming back for a sixth season according to a slip made by Jeremiah Raber. Fans have been anxiously waiting for any news on the TLC series, but there’s been no word on either another season. Recently, one fan brought their questions directly to Jeremiah’s social media and he may have indirectly revealed some news while clapping back. What did Jeremiah say that could mean we’re getting a season six?

Return to Amish: Another TLC Hit Series

Before Return to Amish, the world fell in love with the concept of individuals stepping away from their Amish communities in Breaking Amish. Where a group of young adults ventured into the fast-paced life of New York City for the first time. Fans enjoyed watching favorites like Jeremiah Raber and Kate Stoltzfus branching out. It was interesting to watch them discover a world outside of the one they grew up in.

After four seasons, the series ended, but TLC announced a spinoff entitled Return to Amish. Several of the original cast would return to their Amish roots and try to integrate themselves back into the homes they left behind. Which introduced one of the most well-loved cast members, mother hen Mary Schmucker. Season five started airing November 2018, but there has been no news on whether or not six is happening.

Return to Amish: Jeremiah Raber

Jeremiah Raber Clap Back Spoils New Season

One fan made a comment on line and said, “Jeremiah wants followers but rarely even answers their questions or concerns”. Then the fan continued to put the Return to Amish star on blast. “I keep seeing people asking if the show is coming back on and…never an answer. Making me start to wonder why I should even follow him”.

Although the fan may have been a little rude, they got the job done because Jeremiah did answer them. “It’s because I can’t answer it due to contract,” Jeremiah informed them. But in order to have a contract, there would have to be something going on with TLC that he needs to keep under wraps. Plus a recent marathon airing on the channel supports the idea. So, it looks like there will be a season six of Return to Amish after all.

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