‘OutDaughtered’: What’s Wrong with Hazel Busby’s Eyes?

OutDaughtered‘s Hazel Busby has some issues with her eyes, which leads TLC fans to ask, “What’s wrong with Hazel Busby’s eyes?”

Hazel has a medical issue that makes it difficult for her to see and to look straight ahead.

OutDaughtered: Hazel Busby Fights for Her Health

Hazel Busby from OutDaughtered was the third quint born and the smallest quint of them all weighing in at only two pounds. She’s also the only redhead and the only quint to have this severe of a medical problem. Hazel has what’s known as Nystagmus, which is a serious eye condition.

Danielle Busby said they didn’t even know about Nystagmus before Hazel’s diagnosis. And that they wanted more people to learn about it and be aware of it. In fact, they wanted everyone to know that the condition that causes her eyes to wobble has no cure.

The OutDaughtered family can only work to treat the condition’s symptoms since there isn’t a cure. It’s unclear how much impact it will have on her later in life. But the family is doing everything they can to make sure Hazel has the best quality of life possible.

OutDaughtered: Hazel Busby

Hazel Has Surgery Early On

OutDaughtered star Hazel Busby had eye surgery in 2016. Her father, Adam Busby, said it felt like a gut punch, learning that she needed to go under the knife. Since they can’t fix the problem, the only thing they can do is make Hazel more comfortable.

Hazel Busby from Outdaughtered‘s surgery was to fix her eye placement. She had to turn her head far to the side to get her best eye placement, and it could cause neck problems. The surgeon did work on her so she could keep her neck straighter and still get a clear view.

Fans of OutDaughtered felt horrible seeing little Hazel with blood-red eyes. But knew it was even more difficult for her parents to deal with the ordeal. Danielle and Adam sat in the waiting room with friends and family and were happy to find out that the surgery was a success.

OutDaughtered: Changing Eye Doctors

Danielle Busby and husband Adam Busby loved their eye doctor. They trusted him, and they planned on continuing to see him. But that didn’t work out for them since he moved away and couldn’t see Hazel anymore.

Danielle of OutDaughtered said it was a terrible feeling having to learn a new doctor. But now the doctor that they have, they think is a great partner in Hazel Busby’s health. After working with her for a while, they were sad to learn that she was moving to a town that wasn’t closeby.

Despite the distance, they decided to keep taking Hazel Busby to see her. Now, they just have to make it a whole day trip and spend the night when they go. So far, they’ve been able to continue managing Hazel’s symptoms and keeping her in a good mood.

OutDaughtered: Hazel Busby

Making Progress with Her Eyesight

Hazel Busby from OutDaughtered has to go see the eye doctor more than her sibling since she has this condition. Adam Busby and wife Danielle thought they might need to do another surgery. They spoke with her doctor remotely through the pandemic to get an update.

Now that Hazel is old enough to know what is happening, they worried she would get scared. So far, Hazel Busby seems to enjoy her doctor visits. This is especially true since she was too young to remember the pain from the surgery.

At Hazel’s last eye appointment, she had good news. OutDaughtered mom Danielle took her and said she only needed to upgrade her prescription for her glasses. Fans say Hazel looks adorable with her glasses, and they are glad she doesn’t have to worry about another surgery right now.

OutDaughtered: Keeping Busy and In Good Spirits

Hazel Busby doesn’t let her eyesight problems slow her down. In fact, she and her sister, Parker Busby, now take a dance class together. They do both tap and ballet dance even, and Danielle said she’s glad even though she can’t go inside.

There are a lot of different rules for the OutDaughtered crew to follow since the pandemic stopped their show in 2020. But now, they are able to get back to some normalcy, and Hazel is doing great. She even has a good time going to her sister Blayke Busby’s basketball games.

Fans say they hope she continues having good results with her eye care. And that they hope she doesn’t have to get another surgery.

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