‘OutDaughtered’: Hazel Busby’s Unique Accessory Cleaning Technique

OutDaughtered‘s Hazel Busby caught viewer’s attention again with her unique accessory cleaning technique. Her dad, Adam Busby, had her show off her skills—even if mom, Danielle Busby, didn’t think it was very funny.

OutDaughtered: Hazel Busby Struggles with Eye Problems

Hazel Busby of OutDaughtered, with her bright red hair, made fans fall in love. The fact that she had to get glasses at such a young age also brought a lot of attention to the little cutie pie. Hazel has a condition called nystagmus.

Nystagmus means that Hazel Busby’s eyes move uncontrollably. Before her surgery, she had to turn her head pretty far to the side to get to where her eyes would move the least. OutDaughtered parents, Danielle and Adam, had to make the hard decision to do surgery, but it turned out to be the right one.

Hazel from OutDaughtered did take a while to recover. Fans hated seeing her with blood-red eyes, but now she is doing so much better. And not long ago got positive reports from her eye doctor.

OutDaughtered: Hazel Busby

TLC: Hazel’s Glasses Cleaning Strategy

Adam Busby likes to have fun with the kids, so he caught Hazel Busby doing something funny. Adam went up to Hazel of OutDaughtered and asked her how she cleaned her glasses. Hazel quickly took her glasses off and started her process.

OutDaughtered star Hazel Busby took her glasses off and licked them on the front. After licking them on the front, she turned them around and huffed hot air onto them. Once they were moist and foggy, she took them and wiped them on her shirt.

Danielle asked, “What did she do?” and it didn’t sound like she was too excited to share this moment. But Adam Busby thought it was funny, and it looked like Hazel did too. Whatever the case, she put her glasses back on and looked like she was ready to go.

OutDaughtered: Hazel Busby

TLC’s OutDaughtered: Enjoying Family Fun on Vacation

Hazel and the OutDaughtered family headed off for Thanksgiving vacation recently. Danielle said they went and hung out with the whole Busby side of the family. They rented a huge cabin in Oklahoma and enjoyed an amazing time in nature.

Viewers thought it was great that they were able to get together with family. In Texas and states like Oklahoma, they haven’t locked everything down as much. And it looks like the OutDaughtered crew was happy to take advantage of it.

There were beautiful trails to hike and a river nearby. In fact, Adam and Danielle even snuck off and had a little bit of time together. But most of all, fans of the TLC show were glad to see that Hazel and the other Busby girls had an amazingly great time walking and running around outside.

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