‘OutDaughtered’: Hazel Busby Eye Surgery Update

OutDaughtered scene-stealer Hazel Busby had another eye doctor appointment this week. This is the third such appointment in the last few months. Undoubtedly, the Busby family’s fans and followers are curious if this means the spunky five-year-old might be facing surgery soon.

OutDaughtered: Hazel Busby Visits The Doctor Again

Over the summer, Hazel Busby visited the eye doctor with both her OutDaughtered parents. It was just a regular appointment. Then the next month, she saw her eye specialist. So immediately, fans assumed little Hazel would no doubt need another eye surgery. Thankfully that appointment went better than expected. Hazel received an updated prescription for new lenses for her glasses.

Now, this week Adam Busby shared that Hazel Busby again saw her doctor. This last appointment surprised OutDaughtered fans. The last update seemed like everything was on track. She just needed a tweak in the lenses’ strength. This time only Danielle Busby accompanied Hazel. Fans waited for news or updates. However, Adam Busby ducked most questions.

OutDaughtered: Hazel Busby

Adam Busby & Danielle Busby Divide And Conquer

The OutDaughtered family all traveled with Hazel Busby for her follow-up appointment. While Danielle took Hazel to the doctor, Adam had the remaining five girls to entertain. Thankfully Austin has lots of fun things for the family to do.  Adam took Blayke Busby and the four other quints to a beautiful park. They enjoyed the great outdoors and the trees changing colors. Certainly, a fun diversion while Hazel was off on her follow up appointment.

This is a common tactic OutDaughtered’s  Danielle and her husband Adam employ. Having all six kids is overwhelming, especially when running tasks like tending to doctor visits. Now that Blayke is getting older, she proved to be a huge asset to either parent she’s with to help with her younger siblings. According to their father, all the girls were pumped to some fall leaves.

OutDaughtered: Blayke Busby - Riley Busby - Olivia Busby - Parker Busby - Ava Busby

OutDaughtered: Parents Avoid Answering Fans

OutDaughtered fans desperately tried to get answers from Adam and Danielle Busby. Neither one of the parents directly answered the burning question. So, of course, fans immediately drew one of two conclusions regarding Hazel Busby’s potential eye surgery.

The first outcome is that the visit was simply a follow-up to see if the new lenses helped correct Hazel’s vision. Of course, the second outcome is Hazel does, in fact, need an operation. Neither parent chooses to answer. Hopefully, it’s nothing more than a check-up. Recall the family signs non-disclosure agreements with TLC, and they are currently filming. So it’s possible they were tight-lipped because this doctor’s visit is a major plot-line for this season of their reality show.

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