‘OutDaughtered’: Hazel Busby Braves Potential Eye Surgery

OutDaughtered sweetheart Hazel Grace Busby might face another eye surgery, four years after the first one. Over the past few months, Adam and Danielle Busby have noticed Hazel’s eyes getting worse again. And while the whole family dreads the looming procedure, sweet Hazel is taking it fearlessly.

OutDaughtered: Family Worries About Hazel Busby’s Eye Condition

On the newest season of OutDaughtered, Adam and his wife Danielle Busby share worrying news about Hazel Busby and her eye condition. The TLC couple reveals their little redhead’s eyes are showing signs of problems again. They fear that it might require another surgery.

In the preview, Adam tells Dale Mills that Hazel’s eyes are starting to move uncontrollably once again. She is also turning her head more consistently. These issues did improved after getting eye surgery and years of wearing glasses.

Now, Hazel might need to undergo another procedure. Adam Busby says they somehow expected it to happen in the future given that her condition does not have a cure. Still, they couldn’t help but feel worried about the OutDaughtered star’s safety.

OutDaughtered: Hazel Busby

Hazel Busby Puts on a Brave Face as Second Surgery Looms

Fortunately, things might be asier since Hazel Busby is now more aware of what’s going on. The OutDaughtered cast member proves she’s a big girl now and can face any challenges head-on. That includes a possible second eye operation.

When Danielle Busby asks if Hazel is ready to see her eye doctor again, she answers with determination, “I don’t want to be scared”. In the past, both Danielle and Adam Busby were anxious about their daughter’s surgery. The fear seemed unbearable at that time. But with the support of their families and friends, plus a good doctor, they surpassed it successfully.

OutDaughtered: Hazel Busby

OutDaughtered: What Surgery Did Hazel Have? Will She Get Another One?

Hazel Busby was born with congenital nystagmus. The condition causes the OutDaughtered star to have uncontrolled eye movements. It also made her head turn to see clearly. In 2016, the adorable daughter of Danielle and hubby Adam Busby underwent surgery to correct the position of her eyes and avoid the head turn.

It was a rather successful operation not until they noticed Hazel’s left eye occasionally turning in. It turns out, she has astigmatism in her left eye blurring out her vision. To address the issue, Hazel was prescribed glasses, which definitely worked well.

Are Problems Returning?

However, Danielle and husband Adam have been noticing some of the problems coming back.

Hazel Busby’s head is starting to turn again. This prompted the OutDaughtered parents to take her for another checkup. But the lockdown has put her schedule on hold. It remains unclear when she will have her eyes checked again.

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