‘OutDaughtered’: Riley Busby Braves Creepy Encounter

OutDaughtered‘s Riley Busby has a reputation of being the bravest out of the quint sisters. And recently, she braved a creepy encounter and kept her brave sister status.

OutDaughtered: Little Riley Busby Pets a Furry Friend

Unlike many little girls, Riley Busby from OutDaughtered isn’t afraid to try scary things. Adam Busby captured a photo of her reaching to pet a huge furry spider. Riley got her hands on a tarantula, and TLC fans said that they couldn’t believe she wanted to touch that thing.

OutDaughtered star Riley likes to take things to the edge. Despite fans cringing, they said they wouldn’t expect anything different from her. Besides brave, another word her dad uses to describe her is stubborn.

Viewers of OutDaughtered said she was probably too stubborn to fail. And made herself touch the spider even if she wasn’t excited about doing it. Whatever the case, many people that watch the show agree that she is braver than they are.

OutDaughtered: Riley Busby

Riley Busby Recovers from Head Injury

OutDaughtered cutie Riley Busby had to go to the emergency room not long ago. She was dancing around in the bathroom when her sisters were taking a bath. She was barefoot, and she slipped and smashed her head into the hard floor.

Adam Busby had to take her to the emergency room to see how bad it was. Thankfully, she didn’t have anything major wrong, but she did have a decent gash in the back of her head. And she did have to get a staple in the back of her head.

Riley from OutDaughtered had a rough time when she went to the hospital to take out the staple. But she seems to be back to her old self, and fans hope she’s careful in the bathroom. Both Riley and Adam had their feet kicked up together since he hurt his leg and had to rest up.

OutDaughtered: Riley Busby

OutDaughtered: Life as a Big Family

Adam Busby and Danielle Busby said it’s a lot of work having Riley and five other children. But they agreed that they love having all of the girls in their life. It does mean that they have to plan things out differently than smaller families.

In fact, Danielle said that Adam was able to go to the doctor with her for the first time in a while. Usually, Adam Busby has to stay with the girls while she goes to the doctor. And fans of OutDaughtered said they hope they figure out what’s happening with Danielle soon.

Danielle Busby was in the hospital all day the day Riley had to go for her staple. And Adam Busby said he was tired of spending his time in hospitals. Viewers said they hope that everyone gets to feeling better.

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