‘OutDaughtered’: Adam Busby Rushes Riley to Emergency Room for Head Injury – See Pic

OutDaughtered‘s Adam Busby had to rush Riley Busby to the emergency room. She fell on the slippery bathroom floor and busted her head open, and had to have a staple put in her head.

OutDaughtered: Riley Busby Falls In the Bathroom

Adam Busby said that Riley Busby was dancing in the bathroom on the slippery floor. And that when she was dancing around, she lost her footing. When she fell, she bashed the back of her head. Riley of OutDaughtered said they were going to the hospital “because they have a bandaid we don’t have at home.”

OutDaughtered viewers felt bad for Riley and Adam and hoped it was only a minor issue. Once they got into the hospital, Adam found out that her head was bad enough to need one staple. Adam said Riley did really well throughout the procedure.

Adam of OutDaughtered said he is tired of going to the hospital. And it sounded like Adam was a little out of it having to bring Riley there. Adam had taken Danielle Busby to the hospital earlier so it was his second visit of the day.

OutDaughtered: Riley Busby

Riley Busby Enjoys Time with Adam Busby

Despite the circumstances, it didn’t seem like Riley Busby was in a lot of pain. Leading up to her procedure, she was hanging out with OutDaughtered dad Adam Busby. And she wasn’t crying or upset about her head.

Uncle Dale Mills and Aunt Crystal Mills sent their love to their little buddy. And everyone bragged on “Rowdy Riley” for being a “trooper” and so brave. When it comes to the OutDaughtered crew, it isn’t uncommon for someone to go to the emergency room for a stitch or two, or in this case, a staple.

TLC’s Riley got to play with some toys in the room she got a staple in. It was child themed, so it didn’t seem so scary to her. Above all, Riley liked the lion on the wall, and she pretended that it bit her.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby - Riley Busby

OutDaughtered: A Tough Start to 2021

Despite how much the OutDaughtered family is trying to keep a positive attitude, tough things keep coming at them. Everyone hoped that going into a new year would make a difference. But it seems like Adam Busby and the family are carrying some of the negativity over.

Riley Busby doesn’t seem like she’s letting it get to her. And Adam said that things are good again now that they got her all fixed up. Viewers hope that the slick floor doesn’t get any of the other kids.

Viewers sent lots of prayers to the OutDaughtered star Riley. And Adam Busby said he was really grateful for everyone for sending their good wishes to them.

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