‘OutDaughtered’: Quints Act Fishy

OutDaughtered’s cute quints always catch the fan’s eye with their cute antics, and now is no exception. They recently started acting fishy, and it was absolutely adorable.

OutDaughtered: Having Fun as Mermaids

The quints of OutDaughtered have been having lots of fun at the end of winter and so far this summer. And they just went to a resort and hung out with some friends. One of the cool things they did was to put on mermaid tails and splash in the water.

OutDaughtered mom Danielle said that it was definitely spring because of her little mermaids. She celebrated the beautiful weather, and it looked like they enjoyed a good time fixing smores. Since there were six small girls in the picture, fans teased about them having another daughter.

Blayke Busby from OutDaughtered didn’t want to be a mermaid, but she did get in on the smores action. One fan of the TLC show said she was at the same resort, and she walked by them. Others said she should have said hello, but she wanted to respect their privacy.

OutDaughtered: Quints

Braving Their Fears

The OutDaughtered quints get to do a lot of cool things to show off on television. But even when they aren’t filming, their parents want to give them the best experiences. Sometimes that can scare the girls because they are so young, but most people think it will make them stronger.

One of the things that scared some of the OutDaughtered little ones was the rope course. When they went to Williamsburg, Virginia, they did a pretty intense rope course. Even Danielle felt scared about some of it but tried to be brave for her kids.

Riley Busby didn’t like some of the areas of the rope course, and Danielle Busby tried to stay with her. Even so, by the end of it, where the zipline was, Danielle was ready to get down. She said her girls inspired her to be brave.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby - Danielle Busby

OutDaughtered: Enjoying the Water to the Max

Danielle Busby and Adam Busby taught their kids to be great swimmers. And they take the opportunity to hop in the water every chance they can. Not only do they enjoy their own pool, but when they go on vacation – they’re quick to find the water there too.

When they went to Canyon Lake, Texas, they had fun going down the river. But they did see a big snake that scared everyone out of the water and into their innertubes. Many OutDaughtered fans worried that might scare the girls and make them hate the water.

Despite their snake scare, they still love the water. They even got to go to the Florida Keys recently to enjoy some of the beautiful beaches there.

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