‘OutDaughtered’: Ava Busby Finds Her Superpower

OutDaughtered cutie Ava Busby broke from her twin Olivia Busby recently. And Adam Busby caught her as she learned her superpower. TLC fans said it was adorable to see Ava in her element.

OutDaughtered: Ava Busby Doesn’t Fear the Duck

Ava Busby from OutDaughtered usually hangs with her identical twin Olivia. But a feathery someone broke up the duo to make their own cute duo. The culprit was a cute white duck that Ava couldn’t get enough of.

OutDaughtered dad Adam Busby said that Ava Busby is the duck whisperer. It didn’t seem like the duck minded at all that she was close to its face. Some people said they better look out, or she’d get pecked – but it seems like her duck whispering superpower is pretty strong.

Ava Busby from OutDaughtered looked like she was pretty proud of herself. Fans said that Ava might have a future in working with animals since she calmed them so much. Whatever the case, Ava Busby definitely had a good time quacking around with her duck pal.

OutDaughtered: Ava Busby

Ava Loves to Play in Makeup

OutDaughtered cutie Ava Busby has other interests when she’s not playing with ducks. One of the things she enjoys doing is giving herself a makeover. She can be both rough and tumble and girly, but Danielle Busby thinks she goes a little overboard with the makeup sometimes.

When Ava from OutDaughtered gets done with her own face, she has to turn to others. At times, she finds a sister, but often, her favorite target is her dad, Adam. Fans say it is adorable every time the girls get ahold of him and put makeup and nail polish on him.

OutDaughtered star Ava Busby does like others to play along with her. But if no one wants to get into the makeup, she’ll do it on her own.

OutDaughtered: Ava Busby

OutDaughtered: To Ballet or Not to Ballet?

Ava Busby chose not to dance ballet with her sisters Hazel Busby and Parker Busby. She thought it might be interesting, but she decided against it. Danielle said she wasn’t a very girly girl, so she wasn’t sure what Hazel and Parker needed.

Instead of going to ballet, OutDaughtered sweetie Ava hangs out with her dad and other sisters. She looks like she thinks she made the right choice, and while her sisters were at their first lesson, they all spent a lot of time jumping on the trampoline. Viewers said it was a good idea that they don’t force their girls to do activities they don’t enjoy.

She keeps busy with plenty of other things and enjoys a full life with her sisters. They are back to school full-time, and their parents are very thankful for that.

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