‘OutDaughtered’: Ava Busby Gives Herself a Makeover

OutDaughtered‘s Ava Busby enjoys playtime with her sisters, which often includes makeover fun. Recently, she gave herself a makeover, and TLC fans said she looks so adorable.

OutDaughtered: Getting Older – Ava Busby Gets Into the Makeup

Ava Busby from OutDaughtered told her mom, Danielle Busby, she did her own makeup. But some of her sisters said that Hazel Busby helped her out. Either way, Danielle noticed the makeup because of the pretty sparkles.

OutDaughtered‘s Ava Busby enjoys getting into makeup, and sometimes she even gets her dad, Adam Busby. Once the quints did a makeover on Adam and their Uncle Dale Mills. Fans said their makeup was cute too, but not as cute as Ava’s.

Ava Busby of OutDaughtered has a lot of fun playing dress-up and makeup with her sisters. But it seems like she can do it by herself and still have just as much fun. Fans said it’s great to see each of the girl’s separate personalities come out as they get older.

OutDaughtered: Ava Busby

Ava Opts Out of Ballet

Danielle from OutDaughtered recently said that some of the girls wanted to dance. And some of the girls “thought they wanted to dance.” One of the girls that opted out of dancing was Ava.

While Ava’s sister Hazel Busby and Parker Busby were at ballet with Danielle, Ava Busby had fun with her other sisters and dad. In fact, they had a shocking experience while their siblings were away. Adam Busby bounced the girls on the trampoline, and Ava, Blayke, Riley, and Olivia all had hair standing up on end.

Fans said it was good that the parents let Ava from OutDaughtered out of dancing since she didn’t want to do it. And that Adam did a good job making sure the other kids had fun while the sisters and mom were out. Viewers also agreed that their hair sticking up was pretty funny.

OutDaughtered: Blayke Busby - Riley Busby - Olivia Busby - Parker Busby - Ava Busby

OutDaughtered: Keeping Kids Active During the Pandemic

When OutDaughtered taping for the last season stopped, the Busby family realized how serious things were. They tried to tape some things on their own for the show, but it was a lot of work. And the season ended up being shorter than it would have been.

Fans of OutDaughtered said they couldn’t imagine trying to keep six kids busy during the pandemic. But Adam and Danielle have done a good job with Ava and her sisters. In fact, they even went on some trips during the lockdowns but did their best to stay safe.

OutDaughtered viewers said the girls behave well and look like they keep their masks on. The family went to explore Williamsburg, Virginia. And many people said it was exciting to see them out and about exploring another city.

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