‘OutDaughtered’: Danielle Busby Taunts Adam – Implies He’s a Baby

OutDaughtered mom Danielle Busby didn’t keep quiet about how she feels about her husband, Adam Busby. In fact, the TLC star implied that he’s a baby.

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby Is a Sore Winner

Danielle Busby from OutDaughtered recently played a card game of speed with Adam Busby. They don’t get too much time to play games on their own. But they stayed up late to see who could get the ultimate win.

OutDaughtered mom Danielle celebrated and grinned from ear to ear. But Adam didn’t look like he was too happy about the outcome of the game. Danielle Busby beat Adam Busby pretty good. And he lost so bad he downed the rest of his drink.

Danielle made him tell her that she was the winner and laughed at him being near a little blanket on the table. She said to him, “Ah, you need your lovey?” And Adam threw the blanket at her and covered the phone’s camera.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby

Danielle and Adam Busby’s Adorable Relationship

Fans of OutDaughtered think that Adam and husband Danielle have the most adorable relationship. They might have started out rocky when Adam stood Danielle up for a date over 10 years ago. But all of that is in the past, and they are more in love now than ever.

Adam Busby said that Danielle is a supermom and that she holds the family together. Danielle Busby agrees and also said that he is a great dad. Viewers of OutDaughtered are glad to see that they do things outside of parenting together.

Before the pandemic, Adam from OutDaughtered used to take Danielle out to eat a lot. But during the lockdowns, it has been challenging to find things to do together. Whatever the case, fans were happy that they are keeping their relationship together during this difficult time.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby - Danielle Busby

OutDaughtered: Taking Vacations & Having Fun

Adam and wifey Danielle love to travel, but they had to slow things down a little bit. Production had to cut their last season of OutDaughtered down due to the virus. And they stayed inside for a long time to help slow the spread.

After a while, they decided they had too much. They’ve been in quite a few places with the girls over the last few months. They went to a cabin with their family over Thanksgiving, and then they went on a few beach trips – with the most recent one being to the Florida Keys.

OutDaughtered quints and big sister Blayke Busby had an amazing time in the warmth of Florida. They went on airboat rides and had the beach right at their fingertips because of the resort they stayed at. Fans said they felt jealous but were glad they got to have fun.

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