‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Spoilers: Whitney Thore BGDC Tour Bus Vandalized – No Justice For Crime

My Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers reveal Whitney Thore’s Big Girl’s Dance Class tour bus was vandalized. The tour may be over, but she faces a new problem. Whitney’s tour vehicle had hateful words spray painted on the side of the RV. Plus, it was parked in front of her home when it happened!

When she reported the incident, she said police did nothing was done about it. Whitney Thore was only told that she would receive a follow up call at a later time. She thought of her home as her safe place. However, when it is invaded it no longer feels safe, according to the dance teacher after this incident on MBFFL.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: Whitney Thore Struck By Fat-Shamers

MBFFL‘s Whitney Thore is no stranger when it comes to fat-shaming. She has received a lot of size-based hate in her life. It is something that she has been trying to stop from happening to others, in fact. This is why she created the Big Girls Dance Class in the first place. Whitney Thore wants to stop the fat-shaming and encourage people to feel comfortable in their bodies.

On My Big Fat Fabulous Life Whitney Thore reveals that her BGDC tour bus was vandalized. When she goes outside her house to get her mail, she notices hateful words spray painted on the bus. Bestie Buddy Bell and his girlfriend were staying in the RV. However, when she goes to knock on the door of the vehicle, they aren’t there.

Home No Longer A Safe Place on MBFFL

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life dancer admits that something like this did cross her mind. She knew hate and fat shaming might happen while out on the BGDC tour. However, she was hoping it wouldn’t play out that way.

The event shocked Whitney Thore – especially since it went down right outside her front door. Knowing that someone was in front of her house with ill intentions makes her feel uncomfortable.

Whitney admits that fans have stopped by her house and left gifts on her porch in the past. However, she could never imagine something like this. See Whitney Thore’s post below where she shares how this made her feel and why it’s not all right.

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It’s not unusual to have people show up at my house and ring my doorbell, or leave gifts on my porch. Even though people are trying to be nice, this has always made me incredibly uncomfortable. People regularly mail things to my parents’ home address, show up, and once a woman even walked right in the house and into the living room and began talking to my mom. About a year ago, the Greensboro Police Department showed up at my doorstep in the middle of the night to do a welfare check— because they’d gotten a call that someone was planning to attack me with a knife that night. After that, I installed an alarm system. . This evening I walked outside to find the RV vandalized. The content isn’t what bothers me—way worse things are sent to me on the internet daily, but this is different; this is at my home, on my property, and it’s terrifying. . I called the non-emergency line in Greensboro, and was told that since it’s not a hate crime and it’s not gang-related, someone would return my call tonight or tomorrow in the order it was received. I’ve removed the RV from in front of my house, but I can’t say I feel a whole lot better. . I will say this: if you know where I live or where a celebrity lives, do not go to their home, even to pay them a compliment. When a stranger is on my property, I do not feel safe.

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Vandalism Crime Left Unsolved on MBFFL

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life reality star took to social media to let fans know what had happened. Whitney Thore explains that she reported the crime to the non-emergency line. Reportedly, the Greensboro police didn’t take it from there.

The police won’t help since the crime was not a hate crime or gang-related. Authorities promised a follow up call at a later time. But there is no update if she received a call or not. It looks like Whitney Thore was the victim of fat-shaming but that didn’t rate as a hate crime.


My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star Unsettled by Crime

MBFFL‘s Whitney Thore removed the RV from the front of her house. However, the negative feeling about the incident remains. Whitney admits that she no longer feels safe at her own home.

Whitney says on My Big Fat Fabulous Life and her social post –  it is not what was written that bothers her. It is the fact that the crime took place in front of her home where she once felt safe. Find out Whitney Thore’s reaction tonight on a new episode of the TLC show.

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