‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Whitney Thore Unsure About Dance Career

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thore is uncertain about the future of her dance career. The TLC star started the Big Girls Dance Class in hopes to fight body shaming. This class provides people with a judgement free zone. They can enjoy a dance lesson without feeling insecure about their appearance. The BGD Class founder has put a lot of work into these classes along with dance partner Todd Beasley.

Whitney Thore is a longtime dancer and has been at it for years. However, now she says dancing may no longer be in her future. In the new season of My Big Fat Fab Life, fans will see she doesn’t seem focused as she decides to take her BGD class on the road. The tour doesn’t seem to go too smoothly. From the tour bus getting vandalized to not knowing what dance routine will be taught, her future is up in the air.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life New Season – Whitney Thore Doubts Fate of Big Girls Dance Class

Despite the success of the dance class for big girls, Whitney Thore admits it no longer excites her. This class is a huge part of her life. Unfortunately, it is known that all good things must come to an end. However, Whitney Thore is not ready to let go of everything the Fit Fab Life Class has become. In an attempt to add spark back into her love for the class she decides to take her class on tour.

In the trailer for My Big Fat Fabulous Life, we see the struggles behind the dance tour. The TLC star struggles with picking a dance routine to teach and things don’t always go as planned. Bringing her class on tour proves to not be an easy task.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life – Todd Beasley At Odds With Going On Tour

Todd has been a part of the class from the very beginning. He has been a big factor when it comes to the success of the class. As much as he always supports Whitney, going on tour is a something he is at odds with. Todd would like to stay local and focus more on their local clients. Despite not being on the same page, Todd joins Whitney Thore on tour as we’ll see on My Big Fat Fabulous Life this season.

Even before tour starts, Todd Beasley expresses his frustration. In the new seasonTodd states, “Whitney is not a tour manager.” He is concerned that she doesn’t know what she’s doing. This season also features Whitney and Todd Beasley on stage bumping into each other while teaching a class. It isn’t smooth sailing for this dance duo.

Whitney’s Tour Bus Vandalized

In the new season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, we’ll see Whitney’s tour bus was vandalized. There were hateful words spray painted on the side of the RV. Whitney went on tour to spread positivity but instead, she received a hateful message spray painted on her RV.

Back in July, Whitney Thore took to Instagram to let her followers know about the tour bus incident. She posted a photo of the RV. In the caption, she explained that she called the non-emergency line to report the incident. However, they did nothing about it since it wasn’t a hate crime or gang-related.

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It’s not unusual to have people show up at my house and ring my doorbell, or leave gifts on my porch. Even though people are trying to be nice, this has always made me incredibly uncomfortable. People regularly mail things to my parents’ home address, show up, and once a woman even walked right in the house and into the living room and began talking to my mom. About a year ago, the Greensboro Police Department showed up at my doorstep in the middle of the night to do a welfare check— because they’d gotten a call that someone was planning to attack me with a knife that night. After that, I installed an alarm system. . This evening I walked outside to find the RV vandalized. The content isn’t what bothers me—way worse things are sent to me on the internet daily, but this is different; this is at my home, on my property, and it’s terrifying. . I called the non-emergency line in Greensboro, and was told that since it’s not a hate crime and it’s not gang-related, someone would return my call tonight or tomorrow in the order it was received. I’ve removed the RV from in front of my house, but I can’t say I feel a whole lot better. . I will say this: if you know where I live or where a celebrity lives, do not go to their home, even to pay them a compliment. When a stranger is on my property, I do not feel safe.

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No Justice for the Crime

Whitney Thore was told that they would get back to her at a later time. Reportedly, it was not the message that bothered her, but the fact that the incident happened in front of her home. A place where she should feel safe, but doesn’t. Tour life proved to be nowhere near easy either. The new season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life also shows Buddy Bell joining them on tour.

Whitney Thore worries when she loses track of Buddy. She fears that he could have gone off to find drugs and if he did, she could never forgive herself. Buddy Bell has a history with drugs and even did rehab to ditch the bad habit. Don’t miss the two-hour season premiere to see what’s next for Whtney Thore on Big Fat Fab Life on January 1 on TLC.

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