‘My 600-lb Life’: Steven Assanti Sings After Losing Another Tooth

My 600-lb Life’s Steven Assanti has been continually freaking out fans with his behavior. The things he does just keep topping the last.

My 600-lb Life: Steven Assanti Heavy Weight Champ

My 600-lb Life headliner of 2 weeks, Steven Assanti, does not have a problem hiding his shame. That is, if he actually has any. In the past few weeks, he has done some things that keep fans wondering what is going on. One-click into Stevens’s life can send you down a wormhole full the craziness.
When Steven started on the TLC hit show My 600-lb Life, he was pushing over 700 pounds. He has been showcased alongside his brother Justin Assanti. His brother coming in at 600 pounds. It was easy to see who thought they were the star of the show, though. With Steven’s rude attitude toward nurses, he was kicked out of the hospital he was in. Of course, this is not the first time he’s been rejected from a place like this. Once, he was sent away because he decided to order pizza.
My 600-lb Life Steven Assanti

Are Pills at Fault Here?

My 600-lb Life reality tv personality Steven Assanti has fans whispering. While the TLC network show barely scraped the surface of addiction, can it go much deeper? Steven is seen on the show complaining about leg pain in order to get heavy-duty pain medicine. He gave a knowing smirk to the nurse that has been helping to take care of him when the doctors finally gave in to him.

These feel-good pills might be a cause of some of this crazy behavior that fans point out. However, no one can say for sure what exactly has gotten into him. Some people will say it’s drugs; others will say it’s fame. The logic that acting crazy on the camera will get you many views has worked for others. The hit of the episode proves it has worked for him.

My 600-lb Life Steven Assanti

My 600-lb Life: Steven Assanti Strips and Teeth Fall Out

My 600-lb Life’s Steven Assanti has been showing off on live, through social media. On one he did recently, he stripped down to just pants showing off his larger than life belly. Also, he sang along to requested songs by fans watching. But, it was not long until the hate comments started to come in. Then, Steven got mad. Faking crying and yelling at his haters through the phone, more and more people tuned in. Steven even picked his nose and ate the bloody mess that came out.

A lot of Stevens videos go this way. In one posted just a few days ago, he fake cries on camera about how one of his teeth has fallen out. Then, going on to say that he is ugly now. Before he ends the video, she shows off that he is missing way more than one tooth.

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