‘My 600-lb Life’: Steven Assanti Rages – Calls Fans ‘Two-Faced’

My 600-lb Life star Steven Assanti calls fan names in a terrible rage video that leaves people shocked at his actions. The ex-show header is making headlines again.

My 600-lb Life: Steven Assanti Gets Nasty

My 600-lb Life bad boy Steven Assanti had a few episodes in the past showing his journey, and he loves the spotlight. Well, maybe a little too much. He continues to gross-out fans with words and actions. He’s been seeing striping to music with his giant-sized belly free for everyone to see. Also, he’s been as far as picking and eating bloodied snot for his haters.

Since his time on the show, he has gained a lot of weight. He also seems more than happy to show off. He has also lost teeth, and some fans say his dignity. Sadly, it does not seem like his behavior has an end in sight as he makes very odd and hard-to-watch videos.

My 600-lb Life Steven Assanti

TLC Personality Has His Pizza and Eats it Too

My 600-lb Life former show star Steven Assanti had definitely earned a place on this show. If only he could have kept it. At one point he weighed 750 pounds, this was a very heavy 2 part episode. Including his little brother also coming in at 604 pounds. Weight loss surgery would have been a blessing for someone with Steven’s health. But, he was kicked out of many hospitals, for his terrible attitude. He was yelling and screaming at nurses and threatening to call the police if he did not get what he wanted.

The show made it clear that pizza was a big problem for Steven Assanti. The My 600-lb Life celeb said he ate six large pizza. His father told a story about how he once found a closet full of empty pizza boxes in Steven’s room. He had been not only eating it but sneaking it around his family too. Now he lives on his own and stays online all day.

My 600-lb Life Steven Assanti

My 600-lb Life: Steven Assanti has Another problem

My 600-lb Life reality TV personality Steven Assanti has called out his fans, calling them ‘two-faced.’ Screaming into his phone camera, he tells people that he has feelings too, like every other American out there. Trying to get his words together, he says everyone is ‘low down dirty shame two-faced.’ He also says that fans have apparently never looked in the mirror and thanked God for making them different from him..

This is not the first time fans have seen him get upset with them, and it probably will not be the last. One fan said that even the smallest thing will cause him to rage at fans.

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