‘My 600-lb Life’: Samantha Mason Hospitalized?

My 600-lb Life star Samantha Mason appears to be back in the hospital again, despite attempts to get her health back on track. And while she’s staying in treatment, she’s taking the time to clap back at the people who are expressing disgust with Samantha’s life choices.

My 600-lb Life: Samantha Mason & Her Struggle for Independence

My 600-lb Life favorite Samantha Mason is one of the largest personalities in TLC history. During the course of her episode, Samantha’s weight crept up to 975 pounds.

As she’s talking with film crews, she talks about how much she’s struggling to get around because of her size. She even admits that she’s going to be bedridden again soon if she doesn’t work on losing weight. But, this scary future isn’t stopping her from eating large quantities of fast food to bring herself comfort.

After dropping out of high school because of her size, she became pregnant at 17. Samantha Mason and her boyfriend broke up two weeks after their baby’s born, leaving Samantha Mason to be a single mom.

Her condition grew in seriousness after she gained 140 pounds on My 600-lb Life while staying in the hospital for a four week period. This caused Dr. Nowzaradan to ask his colleague Dr. Heydari to perform an emergency gastric bypass.

After receiving this surgery, she’s able to quickly drop the pounds. She says that she’s down 320 pounds since May 8th, 2020.

My 600-lb Life: Samantha Mason

The Strange Way This Celeb Earned Money

After this My 600-lb Life episode aired, many individuals were talking about the odd way that Samantha’s choosing to bring in money. Instead of being on disability, she chose to record herself eating. 

Samantha would sit in her living room and record herself consuming large quantities of food. Some people pay to watch these recordings for personal enjoyment. If she isn’t recording videos, she’s taking pictures of herself while feeding.

On My 600-lb Life, the film crew captured Samantha consuming a whole carrot cake by herself. While she’s filming, she seats the large cake on her belly, using her stomach as a table. As she powered through the large dessert, she talked to her audience about how full she is. And she even commented that she could feel herself getting “bigger” as she’s snacking on the treat.

My 600-lb Life: Samantha Mason

My 600-lb Life: Samantha Mason Yells at the Haters From Hospital Bed

Despite all of the hate that she’s received, My 600-lb Life star isn’t keeping quiet about her weird way to make an income. She says that if she was receiving disability, many would complain. And Samantha describes that she “ate cakes for a living”. But, this latest rant session is showing that she’s still in the hospital.

Also, she goes on to explain those who watched My 600-lb Life were watching her struggle with her addiction. She says that she’s been struggling with addiction to food her entire life. And she doesn’t care if someone thinks it’s an addiction or not.

She goes on to say that she wakes up thinking about meals and goes to sleep thinking about meals. And sometimes, she even finds it gross. But, now she’s working on trying to change her problem with food.

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