‘My 600-lb Life’: Samantha Mason Reveals Second Life-Changing Surgery

My 600-lb Life star Samantha Mason weighs almost 1,000 pounds but is getting her life back together with a second life-altering surgery. During season nine of My 600-lb Life, Samantha Mason opened up about her severely unhealthy lifestyle revolving around food. But, she’s now taking her health into her own hands and working towards better health.

600-lb Life: Samantha Mason’s Journey Begins

On My 600-lb Life, Samantha Mason starts off by talking about how she’s struggled with her weight her entire life. Now, the problem with her weight has gotten so bad that she struggles to walk. And she even admits that the problem is getting worse every day.

This celebrity talks about how she’s struggling to survive because of how bad her weight is. She shows that she has difficulty walking into the bathroom, because of how large the bottom portion of her stomach is.

After admitting that she’s nearly bedridden, she goes on to eat a large fast-food meal. Samantha says that she has meals delivered to her home on a schedule. She blames her rough childhood and abuse as the reason why she struggles so much with her eating habits.

My 600-lb Life: Samantha Mason

Emergency Procedure to Save Celeb’s Life

After this My 600-lb Life star spent four weeks in the hospital, doctors learn that she gained 140 pounds. This put Samantha at 975 pounds. And after learning about this, My 600-lb Life’s Dr. Nowzaradan decided to sign this star up for emergency gastric bypass surgery.

And even though she spent most of her time complaining about how much she was suffering, she didn’t seem too excited about getting the weight-loss operation. Dr. Nowzaradan asked Dr. Heydari to perform this operation.

After the procedure, My 600-lb Life’s Samantha began her journey towards a healthier life. She was able to quickly lose weight, dropping down to 627 pounds.

My 600-lb Life: Samantha Mason

My 600-lb Life: Second Major Surgery for Samantha Mason

This My 600-lb Life star isn’t done going under the knife just yet. Her most recent operation was major abdominal surgery. The medical name of this is a panniculectomy.

Basically, this procedure is responsible for removing the lower portion of her belly. Samantha Mason says that the doctor made an incision that’s six feet long. They started at her one hip and ended the incision at the other side of her hip.

And this My 600-lb Life personality is also talking about how she had complications after this removal. Samantha coped with internal bleeding while staying in the hospital. But, she got a blood transfusion and is doing better now.

Samantha talks about her removal and compares it to “getting a new car”. This My 600-lb Life personality says she wants to see what “it can do”.

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