‘My 600-lb Life’: Isaac Martinez Exciting Weight Loss Update

My 600-lb Life star Isaac Martinez is working hard to drop the pounds. After realizing how much of his life’s become a struggle because of his size, he’s dedicating himself to sizing down.

My 600-lb Life: Isaac Martinez & His Feederism Problem

On My 600-lb Life, Isaac Martinez is opening up about how he’s got a problem with feederism. He talks about how he enjoys cooking for his entire family. This is because it makes him happy watching other people eat his dish and get happy after eating it.

Next, Isaac from My 600-lb Life says he enjoys watching people munch on his meals. But, Isaac admits that he has a special connection with food because he likes to snack too. However, he admits that he “likes feeding too.” He says after snacking, he feels satisfied and full.

My 600-lb Life: Isaac Martinez

Struggles with Unhealthy Coping Habit

Isaac Martinez from My 600-lb Life talks about how he’s used food as a type of escape. He says no matter what happens in life or what changes, food is going to be the one thing that’s constant for him. Also, he admits that having to take care of his mother after she had a stroke made it difficult for him to grow up.

As Isaac on My 600-lb Life went into college, he was pursuing his passion for music. He talks about being accepted into a university in Houston, Texas for his musical capabilities. But, he had to leave his dream behind to take care of his mom. This came after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

My 600-lb Life: Isaac Martinez

My 600-lb Life: Isaac Martinez Succeeds with Weight Loss

On My 600-lb Life, Isaac Martinez struggles to lose weight throughout the entire episode. Starting over 600 pounds, he talks about how he’s shocked because he wasn’t expecting to be that high. After losing as little as ten pounds in a two-month period of time, Dr. Nowzaradan decides to send Isaac to talk to Dr. Paradise, a therapist.

Once Isaac works through some emotional problems that he’s coping with, he’s much more successful with his attempts to size down on My 600-lb Life. At his last appointment with Dr. Nowzaradan, Isaac manages to lose 34 pounds since his last weigh-in. As a result, Isaac’s lowest size is 577.6-lb.

Excitedly, Isaac Martinez on My 600-lb Life asks Dr. Nowzaradan for approval for gastric bypass surgery. Dr. Now gives him the go-ahead for surgery in two months. But, he tells him that he’s got to keep losing. While My 600-lb Life hasn’t updated if Isaac Martinez has received his surgery, it’s clear that he’s going to keep pushing for more weight loss.

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