‘My 600-lb Life’: Dr. Nowzaradan – Then & Now – See How He’s Changed

My 600-lb Life star Dr. Nowzaradan works as a bariatric surgeon. But, over the last 12 years that he’s specialized in this medical area, he’s changed a lot. Dr. Now, as his fans call him, has been on various weight loss shows for a decade. And in that period time his looks have really changed.

My 600-lb Life: Dr. Nowzaradan Death Scare

My 600-lb Life‘s Dr. Younan Nowzaradan works as a surgeon who focuses on helping people who are morbidly obese save their own lives. However, he doesn’t believe that he’s the one saving lives. Instead, Dr. Nowzaradan says he’s giving individuals who have weight problems a tool to help save themselves.

Recently, Dr. Nowzaradan from My 600-lb Life scared his fans after showing a picture of himself. Due to the font that he uses on his pic, many people who support him thought he was dead.

My 600-lb Life: Dr. Nowzaradan

Controversies of TLC Celeb

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan from My 600-lb Life isn’t loved by all of the people that he tries to help. Also, some individuals claim that Dr. Now’s saved their lives, others don’t have as many kind words to speak about him.

On My 600-lb Life, Dr. Nowzaradan doesn’t have the typical bedside manner that a lot of characters are used to seeing. However, he’s cold and blunt, not afraid to speak the scary truth to his patients. But, for some, this overwhelms them. Also, in the case of Ashley Taylor, Dr. Now’s words were enough for her to cuss him out and quit his medical care.

My 600-lb Life: Dr. Nowzaradan

My 600-lb Life: Dr. Younan Nowzaradan’s Transformation

The first season of My 600-lb Life started in 2012, which reveals a younger-looking Dr. Nowzaradan. In the first episode ever recorded, Dr. Nowzaradan interacts a lot with his patient, Melissa. As he talks about her health, a softer-looking Dr. Now appears.

While the glasses that he’s wearing are different, he’s also got lighter-colored hair. Plus, on My 600-lb Life, his skin isn’t as wrinkly looking. Ironically, it looks like Dr. Nowzaradan may have put on a few pounds over the years.

As Dr. Nowzaradan from My 600-lb Life walks around to see his patient, he’s smiling a lot. Also, he’s joking around and laughing with the patient.

Now, Dr. Nowzaradan from My 600-lb Life has a lot less hair on his head. Plus, he brushes his hair forward, which makes his forehead look smaller than it used to be. He’s wearing differently shaped glasses. Also, he dyes his eyebrows and head black.

While he’s sporting a double chin, Dr. Nowzaradan isn’t smiling as much as he once was. Plus, he’s rocking a new stylist stethoscope that’s now covered in gold sparkly beads. However, he does share with the people that he’s helping the news that he’s proud of them more than he once did.

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