‘My 600-lb Life’: Chrystal Rollins Goes into Heart Failure

My 600-lb Life star Chrystal Rollins went into heart failure. She’s the only individual taking care of her two daughters. Now there are new updates about her recovery.

My 600-lb Life: Chrystal Rollins Talks Heartbreaking Relationship Struggles

Chrystal Rollins from My 600-lb Life says her rough upbringing the reason why she’s gotten into bad relationships and why she’s got a food addiction. She talks about how her mom works a lot of graveyard shifts, so she didn’t get the chance to be around her mom a lot. Even though she grew up living with her grandmother, she would take the chance to eat with her mother whenever she could. However, her mother got a boyfriend and moved out of Chrystal’s grandmother’s house. Shortly after this, Chrystal says she was abused by a family member.

After telling her mother and grandmother about it, nothing happened to the family member that hurt Chrystal. On My 600-lb Life, Chrystal says she turns to snacks to hide these emotions. Also, at the time she turns 14, she says she weighs 300-lb. She says she didn’t get into any serious relationship in high school because guys only wanted her “for one thing.” After high school, she says she starts dating a co-worker. However, the co-worker became physically abusive with her. She says she ends up calling the police every time her first boyfriend hit her. Then, she talks about how she presses charges on him “three or four” times.

My 600-lb Life: Chrystal Rollins

Family Gives Overweight Woman Hope

Chrystal Rollins from My 600-lb Life says she doesn’t have a reason to get out of bed. But, she finds hope in taking care of her daughters by eating with them and cooking for them. Also, she says food is her other reason to get out of bed. However, she knows her health isn’t doing well. She says she wants to be around for a long time to take care of her daughters. Then, she talks about how her other boyfriend, the father of her two daughters, isn’t around to take care of them. That’s because he physically abused her and he ends up spending time in jail.

My 600-lb Life: Chrystal Rollins

My 600-lb Life: Chrystal Rollins Goes Into Heart Failure

On My 600-lb Life, Chrystal Rollins talks about how she knows her weight’s killing her. However, she struggles to give up her addiction. She says people tell her she chose to get this big, but she disagrees. She says she loves eating and she’s the reason why she’s fat. But, it isn’t her fault she’s got an addiction to food.

But, Chrystal knows what her size is doing to her physical well-being. She says her stomach crushes her lungs, so she can’t breathe at night. Next, she says she uses a CPAP machine to breathe while she sleeps. Also, she explains she has high blood pressure and she’s got congestive heart failure.

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