‘Big Brother’ Bayleigh and Swaggy C on ‘The Challenge’

Former Big Brother houseguest Bayleigh Dayton and Chris Williams AKA “Swaggy C” are on season 35 of MTV’s The Challenge. The BB couple hinted months ago that they would appear on the reality show together. Now it seems that they did well on the MTV show.

Big Brother: Bayleigh Dayton’s Husband Swaggy C Brings Controversy

It seems that Swaggy C’s cancer fundraiser controversy with Kevin Schlehuber didn’t turn off the network. Because, it seems MTV’s The Challenge used both Swaggy C and Bayleigh Dayton in the upcoming season. But, Swaggy was one of the first to be evicted on Big Brother 20. 

So how will he fare on this reality competition?

Some reality fans are skeptical about Swaggy still over the charity event for Kevin Schlehuber as Kevin was struggling with prostate cancer surgery and treatment. However, Swaggy said that surgery had cured fellow Big Brother star Kevin, so he only gave him a few hundred dollars. Kevin had promoted the event for Swaggy and had flown down to help out.

Fessy later revealed that the event was “completely out of his control”. Bayleigh Dayton went off on him online (see below). Despite all that hubbub, it seems Bayleigh and her hubby Swaggy C got the greenlight from MTV for The Challenge.

Big Brother: Bayleigh Dayton - Faysal Shafaat

Big Brother Update: Bayleigh Dayton & Swaggy C Finally Confirm Marriage

In addition to The Challenge news, the Big Brother couple finally addressed another controversy. Bayleigh Dayton and Swaggy C recently admitted they married almost a year ago. Despite reports confirming their marriage, they weren’t honest with fans about their status. The couple routinely talked about their future wedding and appeared to milking their “engagement” status for as long as possible.

Now, though, Bayleigh and Swaggy finally came clean nearly a year later. Sources say Chris Williams was pushing for a televised wedding and other monetary benefits. If it was known the couple was already married, those plans would go down the drain. Which it seems they have.

Later, Chris Williams’ mother spoke about her son (Swaggy) and his prior marriage to Bayleigh. She confirmed everything on social media.

Bayleigh’s Breakdown on BB20 – Could Happen Again?

Big Brother alum Bayleigh Dayton is well-known for her explosive breakdown with houseguest Tyler Crispin over the reveal of the “hacker” advantage. BB20 presented a twist where a “hacker” could change the votes after they were already cast, seriously destroying people’s games.

Then, a Big Brother player came forward and admitted to being the hacker, then revealed that Tyler came to Bayleigh Dayton with an evil plan. Tyler denied the accusation, which stirred up Bayleigh. Could this type of epic blowup happen again on The Challenge? Is her temper why MTV wants her on The Challenge?

Already, MTV’s reality competition The Challenge has a history of drama and secret alliances. So, Bayleigh Dayton could lose her cool again. And Swaggy C’s known to be volatile on social media. So, will they act out on the reality competition show?

Swaggy’s Wife Looks Forward to Opportunity On The Challenge?

When asked about her time on The Challenge, Bayleigh Dayton told sources she is “looking forward” to accomplishing things and “having fun”. Of course, MTV may have their hands full with Bayleigh Dayton, based on her Big Brother antics. And Swaggy C too.

Be sure to watch the MTV show to see how they do compared to their performance BB20.

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